Muslims in the U.S. Gloat Over Mumbai Attack, Blame America

Hat tip to Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report, who gives several examples of the gleeful reaction from practitioners of the ‘peaceful religion of Islam’:

Samir Khan a resident jihadist in North Carolina, had this to say:

All in all, it could just be that the Indian Muslims need that massive international media recognition so that their demands are met and at the same time, make the Indian population realize that the Hindu Massacres upon the Muslims is an ongoing threat and it needs to be solved now. Sure, the situation may appear extreme in isolation, but when put in context, one can acknowledge the history of this conflict and how the Muslims of India have always been the “underdogs.”

I posted an article about this douche nozzle back in June, when he first reared his ugly head on his radical Islamic website site praising Osama bin Laden and asking for Allah to “curse more American Soldiers.” Link:

This is from Joseph Cohen, a  Jew who converted  to Islam, no less:

It is good to Give Thanks that jews may very well die as brother Bilal pointed out as the jewish from Crown Heights Brooklyn had set up occupation in that city as well and is now under threat of death in this lovely lovely and happy episode of a Thanksgivings Day adventure. Williamsburg and Crown Heights in New York are so well guarded even by their own Chasid jew police besides New York’s police, and what with the islands and limited on and off access and the bridges you almost cannot imagine that a God Damned jew can be killed there. I’m glad they came to Bomb bay to hopefully, God Willing, be killed in it.

Read about the rest of the scumbags here:

This kind of crap isn’t surprising considering we allow Islamofascist groups like CAIR to operate within our borders. It’s up to the average outraged American to speak up and out against asshats like Cohen, Khan, and the rest of the Islamic excrement who do cartwheels everytime Americans die at the hands of their fellow Islamic pigs in arms.

4 thoughts on “Muslims in the U.S. Gloat Over Mumbai Attack, Blame America”

  1. esattugay,

    On the contrary. I have read history and spent enough time in the Middle East as a Soldier and Intelligence Analyst to know that your region of the world is an unstable, irrational, extremist cesspool. Most Islamic nation-states are run by Royal oligarchies like Saudi Arabia, that placate the even more extremist elements in their country to stay in power, or like Iran, who simply rule with the iron fist of the military. In Turkey’s case, you have your own fair share of homegrown terrorists. Turkish Islamic Great Eastern Raiders Front, (IBDA-C), aren’t exactly pleased with your “secular” government, which seems to be shifting in a fundamentalist direction. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the leader of the pro-Islamic Justice and Development Party, an organization not known for a pro-Western attitude.

    The stupid “all about the oil” accusation in regard to Iraq is hackneyed and patently false. If all we wanted was the “resource” we could have taken over every single oil rig for our own use.

    Hell, if it were true, we’d be paying 3 cents a gallon instead of 3 bucks a pop. Most of that oil is exported to Indonesia, and the money is used to help re-build Iraq’s infrastructure.

    Thomas Friedman is an anti-American leftist hack. Yeah, we have those types here. They just can’t seem to get past their loathing and visceral hatred for the very country and military that protects their freedoms. We call those kinds of people morons. If you read enough of what he prints, you’d know that.

    The purpose of our retaliation in both Iraq and Afghanistan, was to eliminate at least two terrorist safe-havens. Saddam Hussein was a WMD wielding maniac, and a definite threat to U.S. and coalition forces in the region. He also gave refuge to Al-Zarqawi who excaped from Afghanistan after being wounded, and thousands of dollars to the families of homicide bombers. His intelligence agency met with al Qaeda operatives.

    Afghanistan, though not the only home for al Qaeda, was a primary operating base.

    That you are “existing right in the middle” isn’t saying much considering the volatile nature of Turkish history and politics.

    Since you live there, you ought to know that the Middle East is an Islamofascist enclave and that terrorists cross borders, even Turkey’s. If you’re not aware of the situation in your own country or what’s going on around you, then maybe you ought to put down the Raki and sober up.

    Don’t forget to water that Olive tree.


  2. I guess you have no understanding of the history of middle east and the region. I am Turkish and also Muslim. the biggest mistake that the Americans are making is they do not read history. They only live the current period and try to create the future. But have you ever considered why Turkey has been existing right in the middle for ages and why middle east is so fragile and did America brought peace or just elevated and triggered and even further created a new Radical Islamist terorist community in middle east that is presented to the world as muslims ? you are not living in the middle east. But we are. Nobody has the right to disturb a part of the world for resource. As thomas friedman says everybody is protecting thier own olive tree!.

  3. Dear “wellwisher”,

    There are so many flaws in your reasoning it’s hard to know where to start.
    Let me begin by pointing out the basic premise of Islam: It’s not simply a religion, but a violent ideology.

    If you think that refined ‘manners’ are going to sway them, you know nothing about the culture. Read the Koran. It’s chock full of misogyny, anti-Semitism and anti-Christian philosophy, as well as dire consequences for those who don’t ascribe to Mohammad’s Sharia Law. Islamic terrorists are simply following his precepts.

    You’re right about one thing, no one in the Islamic community wants to take responsibility for the actions of those who represent them through acts of brutal terrorism. If the majority of muslims don’t speak out or demonstrate against the terrorist wing of their culture it’s because they don’t want to. Tacit disapproval doesn’t count.

    My human wisdom? Sweetpea, I’m a retired U.S. Soldier (after 30 years of service) with at least 17 years of intelligence analyst experience, some of which was spent as a Middle Eastern specialist with a focus on counter-terrorism and Islamic culture.

    Oh, did I mention I’ve been deployed to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq? I’m an Iraq war veteran and I’ve seen the results of that so called ‘religion of peace’, up close and personal.

    Don’t even try to give us lectures on “generalizing and and prejudice”. The entire Middle East is a terrorist manufacturing machine. They are indoctrinated, funded, trained, and supported by every country in the region.

    What’s not to generalize? Yep, I’m definitely prejudiced against a subculture that wants to dominate the planet with Islamic brutality. Those ‘acts of a few’ are getting more frequent, with more participants and more cheering from the muslim sidelines.

    What’s disgusting and not respectable is the pusillanimous, apologist mindset of people who don’t take the threat seriously, or worse, excuse it as the way they’re ‘portrayed’.

    If you don’t get it, 9/11 didn’t hit close enough to your own backyard.


  4. well wisher

    Hey, please read your own words: “This kind of crap isn’t surprising considering we allow Islamofascist groups like CAIR to operate within our borders. It’s up to the average outraged American to speak up and out against asshats like Cohen, Khan, and the rest of the Islamic excrement who do cartwheels everytime Americans die at the hands of their fellow Islamic pigs in arms.”

    If you believe that in every community there are wrong elements who act wrongly and disapplint the rest by their behavior. But nobody wants to be held responsible for actions of those wrong elements. They way you have portrayed Muslims it must anger all of them, not only the wrong doers. Where is your human wisdom? I think we should talk about the problem and the elements that are involved in it, without generalizing and prejudice and putting the blame on all for the acts of few. These principles go across the board, for every community. Also, these are the indicatives of our manners and characters, which the people find disgusting and not respectable.

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