Muzzie Corpus Christi Shooter Inspired by Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda

Anyone from an Islamic nation-state should be automatically barred from entering the country.

Investigative Project

Social media posts by Corpus Christi naval air station shooter Adam Alsahli indicate he supported key figures linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and attended a school in Saudi Arabia that has a decades long link with Al-Qaida figures.

Alsahli opened fire at the air station’s North Gate May 21. A guard was shot, but survived with minor injuries thanks to the bulletproof vest she was wearing. Guards returned fire, killing Alsahli.

Alsahli publicly declared his support for al-Qaida last November.

This marks the second attack by an al-Qaida linked figure against a U.S. naval installation on U.S. soil since December. Saudi Air Force 2nd Lt. Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani went on a shooting rampage at Naval Air Station Pensacola, where he was attending a program, killing three U.S. sailors. Alshamrani had repeatedly communicated with al-Qaida operatives, FBI officials revealed earlier this month.

He moved to the United States from Syria in 2014according to Todd Bensman, a former manager with the Texas Department of Public Safety and Counterterrorism who currently serves as a national security senior fellow with the Center for Immigration Studies. Alsahli obtained U.S. citizenship while living abroad because his father was a naturalized American.

His Linkedin profile shows he attended Umm al-Qura University in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, a Salafist Islamic school with a long history of inspiring al-Qaida leaders. Muhammad Qutb, brother of Muslim Brotherhood ideologue Sayyid Qutb, taught at the school for years, inspiring his students with his brother’s jihadist ideology. Muhammad Qutb instructed his students that Muslims should hate infidels and have enmity toward them.

Muhammad Qutb inspired bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and Safar al-Hawali, who also taught at Umm al-Qura University. Al-Hawali, a student of Muhammad Qutb’s, became an early bin Laden supporter. He accused the West of trying to undermine Islamic society from within after American troops were deployed in Saudi Arabia after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. This same event triggered bin Laden’s animosity against the United States.


If the DHS and State Department keep allowing this shit to happen, we’ll have another 9/11.

There are valid reasons to stop muzzie ‘immigration’ into America and carefully scrutinize any foreigner who wants to visit, work, or live here.

Corpus Christi is another example.



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