Muzzie Scumbag Who Killed 13 Service Members at Kabul, Was Released from Bagram Prison Thanks to Biden

Their blood is on Biden’s hands.

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The suicide bomber who killed 13 American military personnel along with more than 160 Afghan civilians in an attack days before the final U.S. pullout last month was previously incarcerated in a prison at Bagram Air Base but was released by the Taliban a few weeks before his attack.

According to Mumbai, India-based Firstpost, the bomber, identified as Abdul Rehman, was known to Indian intelligence and was previously suspected of a plot to attack targets in New Dehli, India’s capital, as well as other cities around the country.

The outlet reported that, according to Indian intelligence sources, Rehman, who was from Afghanistan’s Logar province and once studied engineering at an Indian university, was apprehended and then turned over to the CIA in September 2017. But he was released on Aug. 15 along with thousands of other jihadist inmates after the United States military withdrew from the massive airfield in the dead of night in July without notifying Afghan National Army allies. The base served as the hub of U.S. and NATO operations for nearly two decades.

After Taliban fighters swept in and took over the facility a few weeks later, they released all the prisoners including, apparently, Rehman, “the son of an Afghan merchant who frequently visited India for business,” Firstpost noted.

The apprehension of Rehman by Indian intelligence officials thwarted a plan by ISIS-K (Islamic State of Khurasan Province), which operates inside Afghanistan, to carry out a suicide bombing campaign in India, most likely in coordination with Pakistan’s capable Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI); Pakistan and India, both nuclear-armed nations, have fought at least four wars and have also been involved in a number of deadly skirmishes since 1947, following the end of British imperialist rule.

One Indian intelligence official blamed the Biden administration’s disordered withdrawal from Afghanistan for putting citizens in both countries at increased risk.

“America’s disorganized retreat from Afghanistan has led to hundreds of highly-competent and highly-committed terrorists being set free to rejoin the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and other terrorist groups,” said the intelligence officer who worked on the Rehman case.


A U.S. military drone had Rehman in its sights, but the DOD refused to let them launch the missile because they were ‘negotiating’ with the Taliban.

Obama’ did his part in this clusterfuck by swapping five of the worst terrorist cutthroats from GITMO for a deserter. One of them is now a Taliban leader.

This shit is going to get worse.



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