Muzzie ‘Sociologist’ Demonstrates How to Properly Beat Your Wife

Islam. What a wonderful ‘religion’. This goat fucker needs a good castration.

Via Newspunch


The ‘admonishment’ starts as soon as the crusty goat fuckers marry their child brides:


Google and Apple are joining in with the oppressive muzzie misogyny by enabling these middle eastern Neanderthals with an app that allows them to track their wives or family and prevent them from leaving the country.

When it comes to treating women like shit, no one does it like muslim pigs.

“Honor killings”, beatings, genital mutilation, attempted murders rape, and disfigurement for the sin of refusing arranged marriages, are just some of the examples of the sanctioned muslim maltreatment of women.

And the liberals could care less.

So much for ‘woke social justice’.



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