Nakoula Arrest Photoshops From Pajamas Media

Classic.  From Zombie at Pajamas Media.

Many blogs have linked over the last few hours to “quickmeme,” a user-friendly insta-meme site which allows users to add their own captions to specific photos. Yesterday someone started a thread with the now-classic photo of Mohammed filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula getting arrested by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department — and already there are over 1,000 submissions.

The idea has really taken off, but the problem with quickmeme is that the outstanding efforts — and there have been many of them so far — tend to get overwhelmed by the also-rans.

So, as a service to meme-meisters everywhere, I have plucked what I think are the best of the best from the crowded field and am now presenting them here for your amusement and outrage. (And if you have an idea for a brilliant caption of your own, just click on the site’s “Add your own caption button,” type it in, and paste the resulting URL in the comments section below!)

I encourage everyone to download their favorites from the ones presented here and repost them on your own sites, upload them to your Facebook pages, tweet them to your followers…and spread the meme!


Some of the entries:



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