Navy Spies Busted for Selling Nuke Sub Secrets Sentenced to Long Prison Terms

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A civilian nuclear engineer with the U.S. Navy and his wife received lengthy prison sentences on Wednesday for attempting to sell U.S. nuclear secrets to what they believed were representatives of a foreign government.

U.S. District Judge Gina Groh sentenced Jonathan Toebbe, who had top-secret security clearance in his role as a naval engineer, to 19 years and three months in prison, while his wife Diana, a teacher, received a sentence of 21 years and 10 months.

Groh had rejected earlier plea bargains that called for leniency because of the “great danger” that she believed the couple posed to national security. The judge also called the Toebbes “confessed traitors” who committed “horrible acts against this nation.”

Throughout 2021, Jonathan Toebbe provided FBI agents posing as representatives of a foreign nation (which the court did not mention) with information, and his wife acted as a lookout while her husband placed SD cards loaded with sensitive nuclear secrets in “dead drop” locations.

The case reads like an intricately plotted spy novel. The Toebbes would travel hundreds of miles to drop information, exchange encrypted text messages with their “foreign contacts,” and accept payment for the secrets in cryptocurrency.

……After their arrest, Johnathan Toebbe encouraged his wife to lie about her role in the plot, according to two letters he sent her while they were both in jail. He also bragged that, because of his years of experience in top-secret work, he knew how to avoid clues that investigators use to identify threats from the inside.

Both of the shitbags are leftwing activists who are supporters of “The Resistance” as well as Hillary Clinton. They shared posts supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement and “stopping Donald Trump,” the Daily Mail reported.

Traitors get off way too easy in this country. Both of them should be taken out and shot.

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