NBC News Colluded With a Foreign, Left-Wing Group in an Attempt to Ban The Federalist

Leftwing-owned American networks are teaming up with foreign leftwing groups in an effort to ban conservative websites.

They even bragged about it.

By Ben Domenech and Sean Davis at Wall Street Journal
NBC News attempted this week to use the power of Google to cancel our publication, the Federalist. The effort failed, but it should serve as a warning about the unchecked power of big tech companies, particularly when they can be manipulated by partisans, including partisan journalists.

On Monday we received a request for comment through our general media email account from NBC reporter Adele-Momoko Fraser. The message asserted that Google had demonetized our site—preventing us from earning money through Google ads—for violating its rules.

On Tuesday, NBC published an article claiming that Google had made a formal decision to demonetize the Federalist, that we had been formally warned that we were in violation, and that our content—specifically, articles criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement and media coverage of recent riots—was a violation of Google’s rules.

Google subsequently sent a statement to NBC saying all these claims were false. The network updated but hasn’t retracted the story. Ms. Fraser, who works for an NBC division with the Orwellian name “Verification Center,” tweeted her story and expressing thanks for the “hard work and collaboration” of a London-based advocacy group, the Center for Countering Digital Hate, which promptly issued a fundraising appeal based on its purported deplatforming of a conservative media organization.

Whatever the network or the center knew about Google and the Federalist, it was more than Google told us. Google never formally notified us that we had run afoul of any of its rules. Only when we sought guidance from Google about the NBC News story were we told that our comments section—which is run by a third party and isn’t monitored or moderated by us—violated its policies. We asked if adjusting the comments section would address the alleged rule violation and were told that it would. For now our comment section doesn’t appear on our site. We intend to bring it back.

NBC News colluded with a foreign left-wing group in an attempt to destroy us because it disagrees with our political commentary and media criticism. The episode illustrates how dangerous the combination of partisan media and monopolistic tech companies is to America. We survived the attack because our organization is well-known.

This is only the latest example of media outlets using social-media platforms to attack and destroy Americans who don’t kowtow to left-wing orthodoxy. Ask Brendan Eich, who was fired from a Silicon Valley job in 2014 for contributing to a referendum against same-sex marriage six years earlier, or Nicholas Sandmann, who at age 16 was labeled a bigot by journalists for CNN and other outlets for attending a pro-life rally in D.C. and politely staying silent while an adult berated him and his classmates.

These attacks target not only individuals but free speech itself.


Google censors and shadow bans conservative websites on a regular basis by manipulating search results.

It’s also important to note that Google has collaborated with the communist totalitarian regime in Beijing to oppress free speech in China.

The company arbitrarily uses censorship to squelch what it views as ‘bad behaviors’ such as  ‘venting’ for eroding ‘utopian’ belief in online free speech.

I no longer use Google as a browser or a search engine. I use Dissenter, Brave, Tor, and any other secure, non-tracking outlet on the internet. The best way to shut these Google fuckers down is to stop your patronage.

Twitter is just as bad. The head of “site integrity” is one of the worst bigots on Twitter. Twitter support is run by an antifa advocate who decides which user is a “nazi”. Conservatives are routinely censored and banned while the leftwing lunatic fringe, racist minorities, and muzzie extremists get a pass. Twitter is run by Dem donors and activists. As long as Jack Dorsey in charge, don’t expect that to change.

Facebook’s new censorship squad includes a Muslim Brotherhood activist. Which is really strange because Zuckerberg is Jewish. Death threats are okay as long as the targets are people Facebook hates. Speaking of hate, the site has concocted a series of “signals” that it uses to determine if someone ought to be categorized as a “hate agent” and banned from the platform. Conservative sites have been suspended over Zuckerberg’s political preferences, but leftie radicalsmuzzie terrorists and their mouthpieces, and videos demonstrating adult sex acts to kids, are relatively unscathed. Zuck has banded together with Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube to work on the creation of a global censorship database. The objective is to censor content on their platforms more efficiently. The database has a complete lack of transparency and accountability.

Only a small circle of company insiders know what’s in it.




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  1. johndegbert

    Likewise. Stopped Googling when they bent over and grabbed ankles for the ChiComs. I use Ask, DuckDuckGo and Dogpile.

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