NBC Reporter Tries Race-Baiting at D.C. Tea Party, Fails

Hat Tip to Real Clear Politics.

NBC News reporter Kelly O’Donnell posed this question to a black man at the DC tax day Tea Party:

O’Donnell: “There aren’t a lot of African-American men at these events.  Have you ever felt uncomfortable?”

Darryl Postell: “No…no. These are my people; Americans.”

If you’re an ethnic group that’s not black or hispanic, your belief in small government makes you a “racist”.

Nice toss of the race card, O’Donnell. You look like an ass.

As more and more Americans speak out against Obamanomics, the leftwing MSM and Dem politicians grow more acrid and hateful. Tune in to any leftwing talk show such as Meet the Press, Hardball with Chris Matthews, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, the Today Show, Good Morning America, and the Early Show. Read the insane rants from the collection of moonbats at the New York Times like Frank Rich, Paul Krugman, and Maureen Dowd. Any one of those will treat you to a full complement of shreeking animosity in response to the patriotic dissent of the American people. It’s vile, disgusting, obscene, and the way of communicating the MSM’s distaste for those who won’t worship at the altar of Obamessiah.

Expect it to get much worse before, and certainly after, we toss the ruling Dems out on their collective asses in November.

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