NBC Reports Ralph Northham ‘Puts on his own black face mask’, Hilarity Ensues


Virginia Governor Ralph Northam appears to have posed for a photo depicting blackface, in a yearbook photograph originally obtained by Big League Politics and confirmed by the Virginian-Pilot. It’s difficult to tell whether Northam is the person wearing blackface or the Ku Klux Klan outfit. Either way, it’s a deeply disturbing photo.

The photo is on a page labeled Ralph Shearer Northam, in an Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook. He graduated from the school in 1984. The Federalist independently confirmed that the yearbook photo is authentic:


Via NOQ Report

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam loved wearing blackface. His yearbook photos were the talk of mainstream media for a few minutes when his racist indiscretions from the past were revealed. But that story died quickly after a bit of virtue signaling from the left. Eventually, all was forgiven.

He thought it was all behind him until today when he was demonstrating the use of a face mask. A black… face… mask. NBC Washington tried to be clever about it when they posted, “In a striking moment, Gov. Ralph Northam put on his own black face mask. He urged every Virginian to do the same.”

……Kudos to NBC for acknowledging that it wasn’t a simple mistake, that someone intentionally poked fun at the Governor. In reality, it’s quite funny, though the joke was probably lost on progressives. To them, Northam is still a hero, blackface and all.



Twitter responded as expected:



It had to be deleted ASAP. It was too close to the truth.

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