Neil Cavuto: Tea Party Didn’t Cause the Debt Crisis, Try the Politicians

Reenforcing what we already knew.

Fact One — Tea Partiers’ opposition to tax hikes didn’t bring us to this brink. Washington’s indifference to spending did.

Fact Two — Tea Partiers didn’t create these deficits. Washington did.

Fact Three — Tea Partiers didn’t wreck the budget this year. Try Democrats, who had total control of Washington, not even offering a budget at all… last year.

Fact Four — Tea Partiers aren’t the reason we’re up against another debt limit. Washington is.

Fact Five — Tea Partiers aren’t suddenly to blame for the credit ratings agencies now putting this country’s credit on watch. Credit ratings agencies first warned about this years ago.

Fact Six — Tea Partiers have been consistently opposed to the gimmicks that created this mess. Washington’s consistently offered only more gimmicks to allegedly fix this mess.

Fact Seven — Tea Partiers aren’t the only ones saying a debt hike without meaningful spending cuts is a waste. Standard and Poor’s itself warned such a deal would be a travesty.

Fact Eight — Tea Partiers aren’t the crazy ones for saying it’s time to stop this nonsense. Those who call them crazy for dare speaking the obvious are the ones who make “no” sense.

Fact Nine — Tea Partiers resisting business as usual aren’t the problem right now. Self-serving politicians still practicing business as usual are.

Fact Ten — Tea Partiers demanding accountability isn’t the stuff that brought us to this brink. Washington’s continued failure to “be” accountable has us at the brink.

Watch the video here:

4 thoughts on “Neil Cavuto: Tea Party Didn’t Cause the Debt Crisis, Try the Politicians”

  1. So there was a deal put together by the gang of 6 that I hated. EXCEPT it was the best alternative.

    It DID lower spending by $4 TRILLION and had only 1 Trillion of revenue to ‘balance’ it, mostly from loopholes and reforming the code so that we don’t pay corporate welfare.

    The Tea Party should have been so happy with this– I don’t understand how they can want to give up the Social Security retirements they paid for, Medicare for their parents etc JUST to keep giving the top 2% about 1/3 of all income in this country.

    1. Jan,
      The Gang of Six bill is fucked up. It’s a terrible plan.

      From a previous post:

      The so-called Gang of Six Plan…adopts a $500 billion down payment and a later reform bill generating an additional $3.2 trillion in deficit reduction. That later bill is largely left up to committees of jurisdiction, and they are only required to meet specific savings targets.

      More, via NRO:

      It’s a terrible, terrible plan. It will hand the president a huge strategic victory and deliver nothing that the GOP should be seeking in this fight. It’s far, far worse than anything we have seen thus far, and certainly much worse than the McConnell plan.

      In a nutshell, the Gang of Six plan would have three parts. Let’s look at each part in turn.

      First, there’s a relatively small bill to supposedly save $500 billion immediately with a combination of discretionary spending caps through 2015, a move toward the chained CPI for indexing Social Security and the tax brackets, repeal of the CLASS Act, and other unspecified process provisions. Although unstated, presumably it is this bill that would carry a temporary debt-limit increase to get past August 2, and probably provide about six months of room before another debt-limit increase became necessary.

      Republicans must understand that even in this small, initial part of the package, the Democrats are insisting on a tax hike. The chained-CPI proposal will increase taxes along with slowing inflation increases in Social Security.

      The second part of the Gang of Six package is far worse. It’s essentially a call for a budget “reconciliation” bill, with no specifics yet available. Senate committees with jurisdiction over taxes and entitlements would be tasked with achieving targeted amounts of savings or tax increases. For instance, the Finance Committee would be charged with reporting out a tax-reform plan that increases taxes by about $2.3 trillion over a decade. That committee would also be charged with finding savings in Medicare and Medicaid, but there’s absolutely no indication of how the savings will be achieved.

      Any budget needs to include spending and tax cuts along with a balanced budget plan.
      Think about how the average family has to figure out their bills from month to month. When the government spends beyond the taxpayer’s means we pay the price.

      SFC MAC

  2. politicaljunkie

    Religious terrorists try to scare people into having the same beliefs as them. By threatening not to raise the debt ceiling unless everyone accepts the tea parties ideology, aren’t they basically doing the same? Tea partiers are nothing more than political terrorists and, while they certainly didn’t create the debt crisis, they are squarely to blame for the debt ceiling crisis.

    Let me qualify this, only the tea partiers that did NOT vote for Bush are also not reposible for the debt crisis.

    1. political junkie,

      “Religious terrorists try to scare people into having the same beliefs as them….”

      Like muslims, who back their rhetoric with bombs.
      Your analogy is fatuous and just plain stupid. The Tea Party’s “ideology” is the U.S. Constitution, not religious-based violence.
      You wanna see political terrorists? READ:
      Compare and contrast Tea Party rallies with leftwingnut protests:

      Are you that dense? Anyone with an iota of common sense knows that you do not raise a debt ceiling and expect the government not to spend right through it.

      The idiots who voted for Obama are responsible for the socialist train wreck.

      SFC MAC

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