Nevadans May be Poised to Give Harry the Boot

When it happens, I’ll take a big swig of Schadenfreude.

……Well, if the latest polling data are any measure of the re-election chances of Sen. Harry Reid, Nevada voters stand ready to sing the same refrain to their four-term senior U.S. senator.

A fresh poll, conducted last week by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research of Washington, D.C., for the state’s largest newspaper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, shows Reid’s approval rating again stuck at a dismal 38 percent. This will disappoint a Reid camp that has furiously saturated the airwaves with advertising to, as the campaign puts it, “reintroduce” Harry to Nevada voters.

Apparently Nevadans didn’t need a reintroduction. Reid’s getting the thumbs down from 49 percent of Nevada voters — the same high level as the start of the year.

And, to make matters worse, Republicans and independents seem reunited and re-energized by the Obama presidency. Each of the two senatorial front-runners in this latest poll — Republicans Sue Lowden and Danny Tarkanian — would defeat Reid if the election were held today.

Lowden bests Reid 51 percent to 41 percent statewide. And what surely scares the Reid war room the most is the part of the poll that shows Lowden leading Reid in the Democratic stronghold of Clark County, 47 percent to 44 percent. It’s within the poll’s 4 percentage-point margin of error, but that’s still a killer number for a Democrat in Nevada.

At the risk of sounding like that Sham Wow guy … wait, there’s more. And none of it is good for Sen. Reid.

This new poll also asked Nevada voters about the health care “reform” bill. Reid is clearly out of sync by a wide margin with voters on this key issue.

Reid’s been carrying the water for President Obama on the health care debate in the Senate. He’s walked so far out on the plank in support of the parts of the health care “reform” bill Nevadans hate the most that imagining a reconciliation and a retreat to the home ship seems nearly impossible.

Consider this poll question: “Do you approve of or disapprove of Senator Harry Reid’s efforts to get a health care reform bill through the U.S. Senate?”

Answer: 50 percent of registered Nevada voters disapprove, 39 percent approve and 11 percent are not sure.

Reid is just one of the ratfuck Democrats in need a pink slip shoved up their ass, but getting rid of him will be a good start.

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