New Allegations of Sexual Misconduct and Racial Discrimination at the Race-Hustling SPLC

Via Fox News

Amid a departure of top executives at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a new report details allegations of sexual misconduct and racial discrimination against those very individuals at the progressive nonprofit which frequently has targeted conservative groups.

report from the New York Times on Monday detailed several complaints by both current and former employees that indicated a “climate of intolerance” in the workplace — complaints including sexual harassment and a lack of diversity based on race and gender.

In recent years, the center has drawn criticism from Republicans and conservatives who have accused the SPLC of unfairly labeling people and groups with conservative viewpoints as bigots. Republican lawmakers have also questioned the working relationship between the SPLC and the FBI.

On Friday, SPLC President Richard Cohen announced he would be stepping down from the civil rights organization amid the harassment and diversity allegations.

“We’re going through a difficult period right now, and I know that we’ll emerge stronger at the end of the process that we’ve launched with Tina Tchen,” he said speaking of the Chicago-based attorney and onetime chief of staff for former first lady Michelle Obama who is conducting a review of the nonprofit.

……Cohen’s departure came only about a week after the organization fired co-founder Morris Dees.



Wanna bet THIS is why they fired Dees?: He was accused by his ex-wife of molesting his 16 year old step daughter.

The SPLC is a criminal enterprise. It uses threats, intimidation, and extortion-based lawsuits as a money-making racket. Morris Dees, Mark Potok, Larry Keller and David Holthouse, are not averse to using smear tactics, taking advantage of victims’ families, leveling false accusations, and labeling black conservatives with pejorative racial terms.

They’re all shitbags.



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