New Black Panthers’ Recruiting Techniques

The New Black Panther thugs demonstrate their recruiting tactics.

On a street corner in Augusta, GA with a small crowd of kids hanging on to his every word, he preaches the gospel of hating ‘crackers’, “black power”, “taking the fight to the enemy”, and slavery. Dude, that is so 70’s.

Instead of discouraging gang activity, encouraging the idea of staying in school, getting a real job, stop having illegitimate children, saving up money, and moving out of the projects, he’d rather blame the rest of the world;  “whitey” in particular.

Behind him, his homie waves the African flag, and they also wear an African patch on their spiffy uniforms. Nice touch.

Captain black beret revolutionary has no idea that his ancestors sold their own people into slavery. Slavery, by the way, still exists in Africa.

Aside from throwing the requisite race card, he says that the government is also the problem; even with black president and a black U.S. attorney general, who refuse to prosecute them for their intimidation outside of polling places. Ya just can please everybody, especially dumbasses who use skin pigment as an excuse for their behavior. Assclowns like him are their own worst enemy.

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