New Jersey Kids Victims of Nazi-style Government Abuse

Ironically, the Nazis did this to Jewish kids.

Police say three New Jersey siblings whose names have Nazi connotations have been placed in the custody of the state.

Holland Township Police Sgt. John Harris says workers from the state Division of Youth and Family Services on Tuesday removed 3-year-old Adolf Hitler Campbell and his younger sisters, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell from their home Friday.

Harris says a family court hearing on the case is scheduled for Thursday in Hunterdon County.

He said DYFS did not tell police the reason the children were removed. He said the parents were not happy about the decision, but that there was nothing unusual about the procedure.

DYFS spokeswoman Kate Bernyk says the child-welfare agency does not comment on specific cases.

The children and their parents, Heath and Deborah Campbell, received attention last month when a northwestern supermarket bakery refused to put Adolf Hitler Campbell’s name on a birthday cake.–Removed-From-Home/3658091

This is the contact information for the Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services:

Kimberly Ricketts

Let me get this straight: Some parents give their kids some names the DYFS doesn’t like, so they implement jack-booted methods to take them their home.

There was no physical, mental, emotional abuse or neglect on the part of the parents.

Just kids names the authorities didn’t like.

Are they nuts or just stupid? What they’ve done is tantamount to child abuse. There’s just no limit to the government’s propensity to abuse its authority.

If they had named the children after Josef Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, Mao Tse Tung, or Osama bin Laden, they would have never been touched.

Somewhere, the relatives of Elian Gonzalez are going “what the hell”?

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