New Jersey Teachers Send Death Threats to Governor; Riddled With Bad Grammar

Keep in mind, these morons are educating children.

They’re the kind of obscenity-laced schoolyard taunts that could get a student suspended.

But the target of this tirade is New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie — and the perpetrators are the state’s teachers, irate over his calls for salary freezes and funding cuts for schools.

In Facebook messages visible to the world — not to mention their students — the teachers have called Christie fat, compared him to a genocidal dictator and wished he was dead. The postings are often riddled with bad grammar and misspellings.

“Never trust a fat f…,” read one profane post on the Facebook page, “New Jersey Teachers United Against Governor Chris Christie’s Pay Freeze,” which has some 69,000 fans, many of them teachers.

……Christie, a first-year Republican governor who inherited a state in dire financial straits, wants voters to reject the proposals in districts where educators won’t agree to salary freezes for the coming school year.

The acrimony intensified last month when Christie proposed cutting state and federal aid to districts by 11 percent, calling it a way to share sacrifice as the state tries to rein in spending.

That’s when the Facebook attacks really took off.

One educator, a librarian with a Master’s degree, described the cuts as “rediculous.”

……Earlier this month, an opinion column in the Star-Ledger of Newark, the state’s largest newspaper, took teachers to task for their attacks on the governor.

“Here are words to live by from a guy teaching you critical life tools,” it said of one expletive-ridden post. “Write them down. There might be a quiz.”

……After a New Jersey teacher’s union wished Christie dead — like “my favorite singer, Michael Jackson” — the group’s president, Joe Coppola of the Bergen County Education Association, called it a bad attempt at humor and apologized.

Christie’s people weren’t impressed. “The union is, has been, and probably always will be a bully,” the governor’s spokesman, Michael Drewniak, said in an interview last week.

This is the kind of culture created by unions. Many of these teachers expect to remain in their position regardless of their incompetence and lack of success in producing literate, reasonably educated graduates. If there was ever proof that unions need to be outlawed, and more leeway given to school vouchers, this is it.

Many school districts are running out of revenue becasue of the current economic depression.  People cannot afford to cough up money they don’t have, especially to fund an out-of-control system. Gov. Christie is not asking them to take a salary cut; only to give up a pay raise. He’s doing the right thing for his overtaxed state and at least the average taxpayer appreciates that.  The unions however, will continue to price their people right out of work.

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