New RNC Ad: ‘Smirk’

From the Daily Caller.

The Republican National Committee released a new ad highlighting President Barack Obama’s distant mien and “smirk” during the first presidential debate, Thursday.

According to the RNC, while Romney laid out a succinct vision for America, Obama was left “visibly angry” and unable to explain his “failed policies.”

“Governor Romney won last night’s debate because he laid out a clear choice for voters in November–a real recovery versus four more years like the last,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement accompanying the video.

“Mitt Romney demonstrated that he has a plan to get America back to work and showed that President Obama’s policies will do nothing but continue the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression,” Priebus added. “It was clear this evening that the falsehoods President Obama has been pedaling about Mitt Romney could not stand up to the truth and that Obama can’t explain how his failures mean he deserves another four years.”

The video, titled “Smirk,” highlights Romney’s chronicling of the administration’s economic failures during the debate as the frame zooms in to Obama’s face.

Obama does not speak during the ad, represented only by his facial expressions in response to Romney’s charges that the president’s approach has resulted in millions without jobs, high gas prices, high food prices, increases in food stamp participation, poverty and health care costs as well as decreases in middle-class income.

Here’s the video:

Smirking is all the SCOAMF could do.

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