New York and New Jersey Hit By Nor’Easter, Is Chris Matthews Still Glad?

Chrissy sure was elated over Hurricane Sandy.  This storm that just hit the northeast coast should send even more thrills up his leg.

Record snowstorm follows Hurricane Sandy.

The nor’easter, as promised, brought gusting winds, rain, snow and the threat of flooding. It menaced travelers with icy roads, snarled the Long Island Rail Road and knocked out power to people who had only recently gotten it back after Superstorm Sandy.

FEMA, who can always be counted on for inefficiency and bureaucratic stupidity, is closed ‘due to the weather’.

Flights cancelled, traffic snarled, rail service disrupted, power outages continue.

Insult to injury: A possible tax hit for victims.

Looters have a field day.

Gas crisis will last for weeks.

The chaos, crime, and idiocracy continues.

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