NFL Owners Will Fine Players Who Disrespect the Flag, Anthem

They can choose to hide in the locker room or come out and disrespect the country and the military. Either way, fuck them.

Via Breitbart

The NFL will allow players to remain in the locker room during the national anthem. However, if they come out and protest the flag or anthem, their teams will get fined.
That is the new policy announced in a statement by Commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday.

……Now, along with the commissioner’s official statement, other details of the policy have emerged:

nfl anthem policy statement

……While fining the teams could work as a deterrent to the protests, in theory, unless the fines are significant the NFL’s billionaire owners might find it all too easy to simply pay the fines. However, if the fines are significant, the owners may exert real pressure on the players to stop the protests.

Also noteworthy, is the provision that the discipline of the protesting players will be left to the teams. That will give more liberal teams the latitude to treat protesting players more lightly. While giving more conservative owners the ability to drop the harsher disciplines.

In any event, the fines are not likely to match or exceed the millions and millions of dollars that the protests have cost the NFL already, as fans leave the sport in droves.

According to a survey from UBS Securities, 50% of those who said they watched less football in 2017, listed the anthem protests as the main reason for their decision to snub the game. Ominously, the number of people naming the anthem protests as the main cause for watching less, rose 18% from the previous year.

The ticket sales and ratings have plummeted. Fans are fed up. They’re staying away and refusing to watch this shitshow on TV.

Adding to the fans’ anger are stunts where the NFL censors an ad by a veteran’s group speaking out against the boorish protests, but running ads that promote illegal  aliens is okay.

This bullshit ‘protest’ started with a petulant overpaid, ungrateful punk who was adopted by a white family when his white mother and BLACK father abandoned him.

The dumbassity has spread to other NFL players who think ‘solidarity’ means engaging  an act of disrespect and politicizing the national anthem for violent black radicals who burn, loot, vandalize, and slaughter each other at an incredible rate.

For your information, blacks are less than 13 percent of the national population, yet their homicide rate against whites and Hispanics combined is vastly disproportionate to their share of the population.

Where’s the fucking protests?

I didn’t watch a single NFL game last year, and I won’t until or unless these thugletes act like they have class and character.

All fines incurred should be donated to wounded and homeless veterans.


BTW: The premise that the anthem celebrates ‘slavery’ is patently false:

……this is a false, liberal narrative. The national anthem does not speak about the sort of chattel slavery that plagued the U.S.A. until it was eliminated by Republicans during the Civil War. It was talking about the practice of the British Navy of raiding ships and forcing sailors to serve in their Navy via an enslavement process called “impressment.”


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