Nidal Hasan ‘Counseled’ Muslims at Ft. Hood

The more information that gets revealed about this son of a bitch, the more angry I get.

The suspected Fort Hood terrorist served as a lay Muslim leader running Islamic services on the base in the absence of the Muslim chaplain, WND has learned. He also mentored at least one young convert to Islam whose parents worked at the sprawling Texas post.

Hasan’s religious activities raise the specter that others may have been radicalized, investigators worry. There are nearly 50 Muslim Soldiers serving on the base.

Witnesses say the devout Muslim officer jumped up on a desk and shouted, “Allahu akbar!” – Allah is greatest – before opening fire and spraying more than 100 bullets inside a crowded building where troops were preparing to deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq.

“He was preparing for a martyrdom operation,” a U.S. Army intelligence official said. “There is no evidence that this was an issue of an emotional aberration. It was well planned.”

Hasan’s buddies included a fellow radical in the terrorist front, ISNA.

Not long after Hasan transferred to the base earlier this year, he sat down with Muslim chaplain Maj. Khalid Shabazz to discuss carrying out Shabazz’s “vision” at the Fort Hood chapel when Shabazz was away. Shabazz helped lead Islamic services at the base’s Ironhorse Chapel, which serves 48 Muslim Soldiers.

……Shabazz, who recently left the base, met privately with Hasan several times.

Before his posting at Fort Hood, Shabazz ministered to Muslim inmates at the military detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he was known as a “sympathizer” among military police. Shabazz scolded MPs for making noise while al-Qaida detainees were praying.
“I would have to go down and chastise those guys,” he recalled in a 2008 interview with NPR, “telling them, ‘Hey man, those guys are praying. Have the decency not to play the national anthem and agitate them while they’re praying.'”

I hope the MPs told Shabbazz to fuck off. I’d have played the national anthem all fucking day.

The NPR interview was posted last year on the website of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which the FBI says is a front group for Hamas terrorists. (Following CAIR’s blacklisting by the Justice Department as an unindicted terrorist co-conspirator, the FBI last year cut off formal ties to the group.)

Shabazz, who says it’s tough trying to be a good Muslim and a good U.S. Soldier, serves as a member of a chaplaincy steering committee for the Islamic Society of North America, or ISNA.

Federal prosecutors recently named ISNA – a sister organization to CAIR – as an unindicted terrorist co-conspirator in the largest terror finance case in U.S. history. ISNA, they say, like CAIR is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, parent of Hamas and al-Qaida.

What in the fuck is a member of a known terrorist organization doing in the Unites States Army???
Why are they not being prevented from enlisting, kicked out if they did, and told to get lost?
We are so screwed.

2 thoughts on “Nidal Hasan ‘Counseled’ Muslims at Ft. Hood”

  1. If public opinion starts deriding this kind of violence done in the name of Islam as a disease like alcoholism, then Muslims themselves may work harder to address it than they are working to excuse it. The killing spree at Fort Hood along with most responses from secular and Muslim institutions underscore a thesis posted at that violence done in the name of Islam is like alcoholism in a codependent dysfunctional family. Both systems feature excuses, denial, and enabling behaviors of people inside and outside of the systems. Neither justice nor excuses for violence done in the name of Islam are deterring it. Underlying enabling systems and attitudes must be addressed and changed. Nothing impacts alcoholics and their dysfunctional families like a reformed alcoholic, and nothing changes an alcoholic better than prayer. Similarly, no one can preach better against violence done in the name of Islam than a reformed terrorist, and nothing can change these deranged people better than prayer. Pray for the miracle of seemingly impossible changes in these desperate lives and their dysfunctional system.

    1. Bruce,

      “Alcoholism” isn’t a disease. Cancer is a disease. Alcohol consumption is a choice. Having said that, so is terrorism. Islam is a dysfunctional religion, bolstered by a 7th Century screed and its practioners. “Prayer” won’t change that especially when Islam, at its very core, is a malevolent ideology. “Reformed terrorist”? That’s rich. When do they decide to “reform”? Before or after they’ve slaughtered an untold number of victims in the name of their “allah”?

      Islamic terrorism will not stop until muslims ‘reform’ the entire Koran and decide to worship peacefully, or when we’ve erradicated them and their jihad against the West from the face of the earth. My guess is the latter.

      I’ll drink to that.

      SFC MAC

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