Nihilistic Wackjob Targets NYC Military Recruiting Station

March 6, 2008 — Police are investigating letters that arrived Thursday at Capitol Hill offices containing a photo of the Times Square military recruiting office before it was bombed and including the words “We did it.”
A law enforcement official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the case is ongoing, confirmed the letter’s contents and said police are investigating.Sgt. Kimberly Schneider, a Capitol Police spokesman, said she had received media calls asking about the letter. She said she had made some initial checks but had not been able to confirm reports of the letter.

……The small bomb caused minor damage to the New York military recruiting station before dawn Thursday and police were searching for a hooded bicyclist seen on a surveillance video peddling away.

The blast left a gaping hole in the front window and shattered a glass door, twisting and blackening its metal frame. No one was hurt, but Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the device, though unsophisticated, could have caused “injury and even death.”

More on the letters:

March 7, 2008 — Envelopes stuffed with an anarchist manifesto, a photo of a man standing in front of the Times Square recruiting station and the bold taunt, “We did it,” showed up on Washington, DC, lawmakers’ desks yesterday – the same day a bomb blew up at the center.

The 5-inch-by-8-inch packets had postmarks of Feb. 28 and were received by at least 10 lawmakers, sources said, adding that more are expected to show up.

……An e-mail sent to all members of Congress, and obtained by The Post, said the letters got through Capitol Hill mail-security screening. Capitol Police, the FBI and US Postal Inspection Service officials are investigating.

The letters added a chilling layer of mystery to the 3:41 a.m. blast, which blew out the center’s window and door, warped the building’s metal frame and sent a cloud of smoke billowing up the Great White Way. No one was hurt.

Investigators believe the explosion may be linked to two earlier Manhattan blasts eerily similar in both timing and method, sources said: one on Oct. 26, 2007, at the Mexican Consulate, the other May 5, 2005, at the British Consulate.

The 2007 blast fell on the one-year anniversary of the death of anarchist Brad Will, shot while filming a violent demonstration in Mexico. The 2005 explosion coincided with the re-election of former PM Tony Blair. Yesterday’s blast came 38 years after a deadly Weather Underground explosion in a Greenwich Village townhouse.

There’s apparently no link between the bombing of an Army recruiting station in New York’s Times Square and letters sent to Congress saying “We did it,” law enforcement officials said Friday.

The lengthy anti-war letters – which arrived with photos of a man standing in front of the recruiting office before it was damaged – contained no threats and were sent to as many as 100 members of Congress, said three law enforcement officials.

One of the law enforcement officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation in New York is continuing, called it an “incredibly unbelievable coincidence.”

Authorities on Thursday questioned the Los Angeles-area man who sent the letters but found his mailings to be unrelated to the bombing and did not expect to bring any charges, the officials said.

“incredibly unbelievable coincidence.”

Yeah, right.

Whether it’s a lone nutjob or part of a domestic terrorist group, this is just the latest in the history of terrorist-style attacks against recruiters.

Michelle Malkin has a chronological breakdown here:

The letters to members of Congress (READ: Democrats) contained a rambling a 20-page screed which included a rant against the Iraq War and gawd knows what else the little moonbat complained about….his erectile disfunction…the voices in his head….the tin foil hat doesn’t stop the C.I.A. transmissions anymore, etc.

Newsflash to Code Pink, A.N.S.W.E.R.,, Kos, and the rest of you anarchistic psychopaths:

The draft went out with Jimmy Carter. U.S. citizens volunteer  to join the military. It’s a choice, not a requirement.

That’s probably what angers you the most; people who enlist to support and fight the war against the Islamic fascists, while you carry out your own little jihad at home.

It’s not working, you fruitcakes. We will not be intimidated.

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