No More ObamaCare Waivers

I wonder if all the rats made it off the sinking ship.

The Obama administration on Friday said it would stop granting new waivers to the health-care overhaul in September following sharp opposition from Republicans who cited the waivers in their bid to undermine the law.

As of the end of May, the administration had granted 1,433 waivers to a part of the 2010 law that prevents employers and other health-plan providers from capping annual benefit payouts below $750,000 a year. Those entities, and any others that secure a waiver by Sept. 22, will be able to keep their one-year waivers, and apply for extensions through 2013.

But the Department of Health and Human Services said it would stop accepting new applications for the program after Sept. 22. The waivers largely went to low-wage employers who offer “mini-med” plans with limited benefits, including McDonald’s Corp. and the Foot Locker Inc. athletic chain.  (NOT TRUE.  SEE “SPECIAL TREATMENT” COMMENT)

By cutting off applications, the administration will avoid the bursts of attention each time it granted a new batch. Opponents of the law contended that the administration had shown favoritism in granting the waivers, prompting federal health officials to disclose the names of recipients and the application process for granting them.

……Critics of the health-care overhaul seized on the administration’s move as a sign that the law is flawed. “They are shutting it down because it’s become clear that the only way to keep what you have and like is to be exempted from the very law they said would lower costs,” Sen. Orrin Hatch (R., Utah) and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R., Mich.) said in a joint statement.

Regular people didn’t get the special treatment like Obama’s union pals and Pelosi’s district.   Most of those waivers went to those with the power and influence to get exemptions.

At least 26 states and counting have filed lawsuits against Obama’s unconstitutional health care grab.
The attempt by Obama’s lawyers to mangle the Constitution, isn’t cutting the mustard in the courts.
ObamaCare hacks are breaking all land speed records running away  from this train wreck.   The most despicable thing is,  after all the hard sell spinning, threats,  and venomous epithets hurled at opponents,  the asswipes who rammed this bill through and supported the disaster, are exempted themselves from the consequences.   No one in their right mind wanted this shit to begin with.   Now that hospitals are going through severe cutbacks, insurance companies are raising their rates, and doctors are refusing new Medicare patients, all in anticipation of the 2014  start of ObamaCare, none of them want it.

If all goes well, ObamaCare will be in tatters by then.

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