No Yelling at The Anointed One

What a sissy.


A long-running tiff between the White House press corps and the West Wing over presidential access flared anew today when press secretary Jay Carney faced off with reporters over the right to shout questions at the president during debt talks.

Obama chafes at the time-honored practice of answering questions shouted at him during pooled, non-press conference events — and his staff has often opted for “stills sprays,” excluding print reporters or TV cameras who might capture Obama in the less than flattering non-act of snubbing a query.

When asked today why TV crews and print reporters were barred from the pool covering the White House meeting with congressional leaders on the deficit, Carney responded by pointing out that the administration has held two press conferences in the past two weeks and allowed TV cameras into the spray earlier this week.

“People shouted questions at him,” Carney added.

Awww. The slobbering love affair between Obama and the leftwing media who foisted him into office appears to be wearing thin.

Reagan and GW Bush in particular, were consistently pummeled by the press. Obama, up until now, got the kid glove treatment by a fawning bunch of drooling idiots.  Well, there’s still a few of them around.

Obama has had a rude awakening.  Just a few hints: First, his socialist hopey-changey shit ran right smack into fed up Americans. Secondly, we backed it up by electing the Republicans to the House majority.  If those two events didn’t make a point, the Tea Party was formed in direct response to Obama’s regime and is still going strong.

He laments that his leadership deficiencies and the lead balloon effect of his policies would be so much easier if he were a   Chinese despot.

It should be clear by now, that Obama was never cut out for this job.

1 thought on “No Yelling at The Anointed One”

  1. Susan Wiederhold

    He can’t throw a hissy fit. He’s not a Southerner and we Belles defend that particular talent fiercely! But I agree completely!

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