Nominees for 2009 Asshat of the Year

There’s hundreds of end of the year awards that are given out by bloggers, news outlets, commentators, and columnists.  I bestow the Asshat of the Year. It will go to the biggest moron in the news. It’s based on the most outrageous, stupid, vapid, asinine, and/or despicable individual or group who demonstrated through word or deed, their abillity to earn the title.

And the nominees (so far) for 2009 Asshat of the Year are (in no particular order)

Kevin (“fisting”) Jennings

Anita Dunn

Harry Reid

B. Hussein Obama

Eric Holder

Alan Grayson

Nancy Pelosi

Howard Zinn

Cass Sunstein


Chris Matthews


Dennis Kucinich

Climate Change/Global Warming morons

Senate/Congress Democrats

Steny Hoyer

George Soros

Charlie Gibson

Barney Frank

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

The New York Times

Al Franken

Hugo Chavez

Janet Napolitano


European effetes

European Dhimmis

Chuck Schumer

Timothy Geithner

The Main Stream Media

Charles Rangel

1 thought on “Nominees for 2009 Asshat of the Year”


    My vote goes for a group award. All qualify since each is worse than all the others . . .

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