Nominees For 2010 Asshat of the Year

The competition is ferocious this year. So many asshats, so little time to compile all of their abject, vile malfeasance.
These are just a few examples.

B. Hussein Obama, poser-in chief. AKA President Punchdrunk.

For creating and helping to ram through ObamaCare, one of the worst socialist train wrecks on record:

For trampling on the Constitution and concocting ObamaCare behind closed doors:

For inflicting this government-run disaster, which is already having adverse effects on the medical care sysytem:

How the Obama regime circumvents the system of checks and balances. They simply ignore it:

For temporarily abdicating his throne to Bubba:

Lying about Republicans and taxes:

His collusion with union thugs:

His influence over the favoritism shown his illegal alien aunt:

His hiring of illegal alien advocates:

His continued foreign policy failures:

His continuous kowtowing to the U.N and hostile foreign leaders:

His “fundamental transformation” of the U.S. economy:

His incompetance and stupidity in the handling of the war on Islamofascism, and propensity to favor muslim terrorists:

His mounting impeachable crimes:

His growing “enemies list”:

His history revisions:

For putting up a wall between the American people and government accountability:

For hiring academic intelligentsia lackeys to falsify a “consenses” on his policies:

For his total goat screw over the Gulf oil spill:

For another power grab at the control of the internet:

For whining about how tough he’s got it:

Joe Biden, vice moron, for his gaffes and job as Obama’s boot-licker:

Tim Geithner, the tax cheat in charge of the Treasury:

Eric Holder, the Attorney General who protects terrorists, Black Panthers, illegal aliens, and the fraud committed by Obama’s bailout recipients:

The DemLeft politicians and pundits, who vented their rotten spleens at American patriots and the electorate:

Their racial hypocrisy:

Their disappointment with Junior Jesus Obama:

For comprising the worst Congress in history:

Their part in Obama’s “fundamental transformation”:

For being part of radical organizations diametrically opposed to our Democratic Republic:

Their disrespect of the U.S. military:

The MSM, for its race-baiting, insolence, and venom toward American patriots:

For its love/hate relationship with the ANNOINTED ONE they foisted into office:

For sticking up for terrorists:

And racists:

And passing secrets to the enemy:

For their dilligent behind the scenes work to promote Obama’s agenda:

Harry Reid, for his mealy-mouthed hubris and corruption:

“Queen” Nancy Pelosi, for her absolute spite toward American patriots, her disgusting arrogance, ramming ObamaCare through Congress against the will of the people, and holding democracy hostage:

Barney Frank, for his noxious, corrupt, disgusting, porcine, lying, prissy self:

The Hildabeast, for doing as much damage as Secretary of State, as she did as Bubba’s First Lady:

The TSA, for profiling everyone except muslim terrorists:

Janet Napolitano, for maintaining an open border/outreach policy for illegal aliens and terrorists:

Richard Trumka, union thug and Jimmy Hoffa clone:

Julian Assange/Wikileaks/Bradley Manning, two of the worst treasonous fags of the 21st century:

George (“Spooky Dude”) Soros, the Fabian socialist who uses his wealth to feed his egotistical messianic complex:

Charles (Taxes?? What Taxes??) Rangel, who blamed the investigation into his corruption, tax evasion, and lack of ethics on “racism”:

The SEIU thugs, who make Hoffa’s Teamsters look like Boy Scouts:

Andy Stern, Obama pal, former SEIU/ACORN head, socialist radical, and subject of an FBI corruption probe:

The winner or winners will be announced on 1 January 2011.

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