North and South Korea in Talks to End Korean War

I don’t trust Fatty the Third as far as I could throw his 400lb ass.  I’ll believe it if it actually happens.

From One America News

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and South Korean President have announced an end to the Korean War.

The historic agreement follows a full day of meetings between both leaders. In a joint declaration, both leaders agreed to hold further talks to establish a peace treaty, with the further goal of reaching a final accord later this year.

During prepared remarks, Kim Jong-Un said Koreans should not be confronting each other, and should be living in unity. President Moon echoed his statements, adding both sides have agreed to denuclearize, and will turn the Demilitarized Border Zone into a “peaceful area.”

Although the Korean War officially ended sixty-five years ago, a peace treaty was never signed.


We’ll see if Kim Jong Un allows his starving, oppressed citizens to freely cross the border into South Korea. Secondly, I don’t believe that the communist dynasty in Pyongyang is ready to transform into anything that remotely resembles a peaceful democracy.

I want to see inspectors go over North Korea with a fine tooth comb to see exactly what Jong Un has in the way of nuke weapons and facilities. Unless that happens, he’s not really denuclearized. Even then, I’ll be suspicious.

Maybe, just maybe, North Korea’s infrastructure, economy, and regime has reached the breaking point after decades of dictatorship. Maybe.

If I don’t seem to be enthusiastic, it’s because I’m not.  Over 60 years of brutal communist control won’t just evaporate. One thing is for sure, North Korea does not want to tangle with the U.S. under Donald Trump. He’s made that abundantly clear. Even China, North Korea’s puppet master, has warned them not to mess with Trump.

Sure does beat B. Hussein Obama’s foreign policy, including his chickenshit approach to North Korea,

In any case, Kim Jong Un should be held accountable for perpetuating the atrocities of his predecessors.  Either haul his ass up in front of a tribunal or chop him up and throw him in the sewer.


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