Now That OJ is in Hell, His Past Criminal Record is Revealed, and Former Juror Admits They Knew He Was Guilty

OJ Simpson finally croaked from cancer at 76.  The despicable piece of shit murdered his ex-wife Nichole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman; a crime he got away with. He did, however, spend time in prison for armed robbery.

This gal knew about his sexual assault record in college but was pressured to sign a non-disclosure agreement.



If she had the guts to tell Shapiro and Kardashian to go fuck themselves, Simpson’s malfeasance would have been known years before he committed murder. Even Robert Shapiro, his defense attorney admitted “he’s a sociopath“.

This useless sack of shit admits that the jurors—8 blacks, 2 Hispanics, 1 half-Caucasian, 1 half Native American, and 1 Caucasian female—knew the motherfucker was guilty.


Jury nullification, anyone?

Good riddance.



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