NSC Member Rich Higgins Let go After Memo Describes Deep State and International Threats to Trump’s Presidency

Telling the truth about subversive malfeasants will not be tolerated.

From Pam Geller

One of the best people in the Trump National Security Council on jihad terror and the threat to the West was fired by National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster: Richard T. Higgins, who has been an outspoken critic about the “faulty strategic assessment that is the basis for current U.S. security.” “National Security officials are prohibited from developing a factual understanding of Islamic threat doctrines, preferring instead to depend upon 5th column Muslim Brotherhood cultural advisors.”

“His expertise is political warfare and developing strategies to battle against the ideologies and tactics used to carry out terror attacks.

Higgins calls for a “strategic and operational pause” in America’s misguided battle to stop the terror. He would, instead, ask new leadership to develop a comprehensive political warfare plan, while removing the subversive policies and personnel causing America to lose this paramount battle.

He cites the “purges” carried out by law enforcement and intelligence officials throughout government, which Phil HaneySebastian Gorka and Steve Coughlin have made public. (DC Caller)



Couglin was fired by the DOD after he raised hell about Pentagon aide, Egyptian-born Hesham H. Islam, who was hired in spite of having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist groups.

LTC Matthew Dooley, an instructor at the National Defense University, was fired after he dared to state the obvious:

This model calls for direct ideological and philosophical confrontation with Islam…this model asserts Islam has already declared war on the West, and the United States specifically, as is demonstrable with over 30 years of violent history.  It is, therefore, illogical to continue along our current global strategy models that presume there are always possible options for common ground and détente with the Muslim Umma without waging near “total war”.

Both were canned for telling the truth about the Islamic enemy.

Obama’s Dhimmified approach was to remove ‘Islamic extremism’ from the national security lexicon and announce that we are ‘not at war’ with Islam.  That shit needs to change. If you’re unwilling to identify the enemy, you’re unwilling to fight.

Any and all Islamist sympathizers in the U.S. government and policy must be purged.

Speaking of which, McMasters is a fucking pro-terrorist slug: He endorsed Quran kissing ceremonies.



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