NYC Cops Boot Family From Restaurant Who Didn’t Present “Vax Papers”

Are you shitting???? You don’t have enough REAL crime to contend with, so you’re using Gestapo tactics in restaurants? If you want people to “back the blue” this isn’t the way to do it, assholes.

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From “we’re all in this together” to “papers, please,” the coronavirus pandemic has evolved from a common enemy into a perfectly good excuse to ruin a family’s night out by threat of arrest.

Video posted to Twitter appears to show the New York Police Department (NYPD) walking up to a family at a dine-in restaurant and demanding they either produce proof of their COVID-19 vaccines or leave the eatery. The video opens with a clip of a scared-looking young boy crying and attempting to leave as ordered.

It is about then that a woman off-screen, presumably the one filming the encounter, begins berating the police (there were a lot of them present) for what they were doing. At one point one of the officers in the front tries to bite back at the woman, but she’s absolutely not having it and she lets him have it.


“Is this what you signed up for? Is this what justice looks like?” the off-screen woman demands of the officers as they stand there. “Is this what you dreamed of when you wanted to be a cop?”

Other diners can be seen and heard in the background, and the police proudly announce that if those without vaccine cards leave voluntarily, no charges will be pressed against them. How generous.


Fucking shameful. That kind of shit tells you all you need to know about their priorities, It remains to be seen if Mayor-Elect Eric Adams will bring focus back to the depravity that plagues the city;  like robbery, felony assault, rape, murder, and grand larceny.

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