Obama Backs Off Proposal to Make Injured Vets Pay for Care

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The leader of the nation’s largest veterans organization applauded …Obama for dropping his plan to bill private insurance companies for the treatment of military veterans who have suffered service-connected disabilities and injuries.

“We are glad that …Obama listened to the strong objections raised by The American Legion and veterans everywhere about this unfair plan,” said American Legion National Commander David K Rehbein. “We thank the administration for its proposed increase in the VA budget and we are always available to assist by providing guidance to ensure a veterans health care system that is worthy of the heroes that use it.”

Following a meeting this afternoon with The American Legion and other veterans service organizations, the White House announced that it will no longer be considering billing insurance companies or veterans for their service-connected disabilities.

“Although we disagreed with the proposal, additional revenue streams are needed by VA,” Rehbein said. “I strongly encourage Congress and the administration to allow VA to begin billing Medicare for the treatment of Medicare-eligible nonservice-connected veterans. They paid into Medicare for their entire working careers and should be able to use it in the medical system that was built specifically for them.”


The sonofabitch hates the military anyway, (shades of Clinton) so that was just another slap in the face to veterans. He backed off because he was forced to…by angry veterans groups; the VFW and American Legion in particular.

Retired General Eric K. Shinseki is head of the Department of Veterans Affairs.
As soon as Obamesssiah pulled this proposal out of his ass, Shinseki should have told him: “Not only NO, but HELL NO.” It’s a shame it took a backlash from veterans to stop this bullshit in its tracks.

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