Obama Blames Bloggers for Opposition to His Regime

Damn you subversive patriots. How dare you criticize the Black Jesus. Such insolence.

Said Obama after the shutdown ended;

“And now that the government is reopened, and this threat to our economy is removed, all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists, and the bloggers, and the talking heads on radio, and the professional activists who profit from conflict, and focus on what the majority of Americans sent us here to do.”

Talking heads like MSNBC, NBC, and the professional profit-making activists at OFA?  We’re supposed to suspend all credibility and go running to the leftwing mouthpieces who push his agenda, is that it?

The majority of voters sent a GOP majority to the House in 2010 to fight the crap he’s been doing to this country. They have failed miserably. His socialist agenda has increased poverty and destroyed jobs.

He can bullshit all he wants, but a 37% approval rating doesn’t lie.

Bloggers respond;

From Robert Laurie at CainTV:

I would imagine that, if I were living the champagne wishes and caviar dreams of an elite Washington politico, I would despise anyone who dared to speak out against me. The chatter of those who were obviously too stupid to understand my boundless genius would become tiresome and the constant nattering of my inferiors might interfere with my lavish, star-studded, parties.  Sure, I’d be aware of the fact that I was better than the people over whom I ruled, but it would frustrate me that they were unwilling to admit it.

It would just be so irritating to know that – somewhere in America – someone was publishing something that dared to impugn my brilliance.

……Barack Obama is only President because he was an activist and community organizer – the very type of person he now wants you to ignore?  You think his entire 2008 candidacy hinged on the power of the internet’s grass roots bloggers? Please.  That was before.

Joel Pollak at Breitbart;

Obama is open to compromise–as long as you accept his view of big government as a starting point. Similarly, he is in favor of reducing the deficit and the debt–as long as you accept spending at or near current levels. He is a champion of tolerance–as long as you are willing to give up the tenets of your religion in favor of his new policies. He welcomes debate–but only when there is nothing left to debate and he has nothing left at stake.

He pretends to be above politics, and casts everyone else as motivated by profit, not idealism.

And yet Obama’s own group, Organizing for Action, held rallies (see photo) and raised money off the shutdown. “We’re fighting for change–chip in $5 or more to support OFA today,” said one email I received Oct. 8, ripping House Speaker John Boehner.

……Aside from his breathtaking hypocrisy, Obama’s attack reveals a very limited understanding of democracy, one in which debate only exists to serve the administrative dictates of the state.

The Left goes into convulsions every time they realize they can’t control the entire media or the fact that talk radio and conservative bloggers have a large internet forum to refute the liberal talking points.

Dick Durbin isn’t sure if freedom of speech applies to bloggers. Kyra Phillips and John Roberts think there should be a crackdown. Paul Krugman wants the dissenting views of conservatives censored. The late moonbat Helen Thomas railed against bloggers, insisting that we don’t have the ‘ethics and standards’ of the left wing-dominated MSM.

Still smarting after the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Dem cabal in Congress tried to concoct a censorship bill meant to undermine the free speech rights of bloggers and certain incorporated entities.

Even after Obama betrayed his media tools, they still cover for him.

Or as Greg Gutfeld says:

The media is “Obama’s scandal condom. No matter how rough things get, nothing gets through.”

Obama isn’t satisfied with the fellatio from the main stream media; he wants everyone to comply.

Fat chance, Barry.

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6 thoughts on “Obama Blames Bloggers for Opposition to His Regime”

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    1. Invisible Mikey,
      My blog, though small, is not as insignificant as you would like to think. We have confidence and conviction in our principles, regardless of the volume of followers.
      I belong and contribute to, the same community of more well-known conservative milbloggers. And yes, I’ll stack the quality and substance of my posts up against the so-called ‘qualified’ liberal OpEd writers any day of the week.
      You and yours can continue to wallow in the mediocrity of being ‘invisible’.

      SFC MAC

  2. LOLOL – By “bloggers”, he wasn’t talking about little squidges like you or me, with a few hundred subscribers. And helen Thomas’ objection to “news” bloggers was the same as mine. No training. No credentials. Just unqualified opinions, and you know the axiom about opinions being like a-holes…

    1. Invisible Mikey,

      Simply being a writer for a newspaper or some other major media outlet does not automatically give someone a ‘qualified opinion’ or ‘credentials’. Thomas’ comment about the MSM having better “standards and ethics” than the bloggers she criticized, is downright laughable. Most of them spew nonsense and bullshit that passes for ‘credibility’. There’s lots of “little squidges” out here making a big collective dent in the way news is dissected, analyzed, and published. As I said before: Bloggers are absolutely killing the leftwing chokehold on information and providing the average citizen with facts that refute them. The good thing about the internet is the wide selection of sources and counterpoints to what you see and hear on the MSM. That’s what really gnaws at these pompous jackasses.
      I don’t have any formal “training” in journalism, but I’ll stack my posts and opinions up against theirs any day of the week.

      SFC MAC

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