Obama Couldn’t Send Help to Benghazi, but He’ll Send Warships to Syria

Tough guy.

Obama with special needs helmet

Gawd help us.

He’s gonna run a war.

The Obama administration on Tuesday was set to build the public case for a military strike on Syria by releasing documents on last week’s alleged chemical weapons attack — with one senior Defense official telling Fox News that a U.S. strike is “not a matter of if, but when.”

One day after Secretary of State John Kerry declared that the evidence of a chemical weapons attack last week in Syria in “undeniable,” the White House was expected to release intelligence backing up that claim. A source close to the White House told Fox News that the documents will probably be released on Tuesday.

Kerry and others have said the U.S. and its allies must respond, if for no other reason than to deter governments around the world from using chemical weapons in the future. Opposition and human rights groups in Syria have said the attack last week killed hundreds, though estimates of the death toll fluctuate widely.

In Washington, few in the administration doubt that military action will occur. U.S. military sources tell Fox News that the planned military operation would include cruise missiles and possible long-range stealth bombers but will not target Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles.

This will not end well.


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