Obama Fires IRS Chief Who Was Leaving Anyway


From Fox News.

Obama announced Wednesday that acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller would resign in the wake of the agency scandal in which conservative groups were targeted — though Miller was apparently set to step down anyway.

An official close to Miller told Fox News, shortly after Obama’s brief announcement, that the IRS chief was “set to resign the position of acting commission as of early June.” He was planning to leave the IRS entirely a “couple of months later, regardless of the current controversy,” the source said.

The real pink slip should go to the SCOAMF-in-Chief. He’s the one responsible for the IRS believing it could target anyone who stood in his way. They did what was expected of them.

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5 thoughts on “Obama Fires IRS Chief Who Was Leaving Anyway”

  1. So, he should have been allowed to resign with no blemish on his resume? Now at least he goes forward with “fired by the President” on it. Better than nothing. It doesn’t make sense Obama has anything to do with this directly though. He has rabid supporters. Someone might cross the line. But what makes the most sense is IRS employees hitting back at the groups that want to eliminate their careers – since tea partiers hate taxes, and liberals believe in taxes. Just vested interest. You try to kill my job, I might be motivated to try and mess you up too!

    1. Mikey,
      If you really believe that Obama is just an innocent bystander, I have a big, beautiful bridge for sale in Brooklyn…cheap.

      SFC MAC

      1. Again, he’s not an idiot. Why would Obama take such a stupid risk? No matter what he might want to have happen to his opposition, he’s not going to be personally involved in anything that is traceable to him. Maybe you watch too many movies?

        1. Mikey,
          He’s taken ALL KINDS of risks. Does Benghazi and ObamaCare ring a bell? He RUNS the IRS and the DOJ. He’s definitely not stupid. Arrogant, drunk with power, and narcissistic, but not stupid. He doesn’t care because the media covers his ass and a large segment of America lives in a low information fog. Maybe you just don’t get it.
          SFC MAC

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