4 thoughts on “Obama: ‘I Feel Cooped Up’”

  1. Dan from NYC

    I just stumbled on your birthday note from “Jim” above. Hope you have a great year coming up! Thanks for your posts. They help keep me up on what the MSM won’t – even FOX.

    This one’s a keeper. I think it would be a wonderfully teachable moment to give the Baaaa-ma bitch (I’d say Bama Bitch but Alabama deserves better) a permanent time out and take away his jets, helicopters, limos and all those mad cool techie toys the POTUS gets to use and get along on his pension that unfortunately we must pay under the 14th amendment and as an unemployed nut deprived “advocate” a la Bill Clinton so he can think he’s finally feeling the pain of the disenfranchisement he claims to champion. The only question that remains is if his wife, the black version of Soupy Sales White Fang, will run for the Senate in some socialist stronghold and keep the nightmare alive.

    On a related note, I had an interesting moment this evening. One of those little quick mind photos that perfectly encapsulate a much larger issue.

    I was driving down the Harlem River Drive at the exchange where it becomes the FDR Drive and there was this very well developed and very physically strong looking black male off on the side of the road selling watermelons holding what appeared to be a length wise quarter section over his head with a sign that stated, “THE AVERAGE WHITE MAN SPENDS TOO MUCH MONEY.”

    (I’m not making this up – facts are facts and yes, I wish traffic was slow enough to take a picture.)

    Seriously? WTF are you saying? WTF are you really about?

    Somewhere in this tableau was a perfect depiction of the the incoherent thought process of entitlement based on assumptions of a racist mind. The scenario was finely tuned to guarantee a complete satisfaction of a thesis.

    The successful or even slightly successful selling of his inventory to what would be largely white or at a minimum upmarket drivers would signify their agreement that yes, white men do indeed spend too much money because they have an unfair and unearned share of wealth and that the white male owes money to this watermelon seller and in fact all people he designates as deserving of redistribution to.

    Failure to turn a reasonable profit on his enterprise supplies clear proof that white men are greedy and undeserving holders of undeserved wealth who have it in for the black man.

    This is exactly the tactic that has worked so well for the likes of Jesse “call me Reverend” Jackson, Al “The Reverend” Sharpton and the rest of the race card guilt dealing radicals.

    Thankfully we are helping kill the effectiveness of this tactic by showing it for what it is – and by buying our melons at our local grocer supporting our own towns and business people who we freely choose to support.

    1. Dan,
      That idiot with the sign is indicative of what’s wrong with the segment of our society known as the entitlement culture. Coming from a working class background, I believe in a hand up not a hand out. Too many people in this country suck off the public teat and use their color and/or gender as an excuse. Modern laws protect against discrimination and ensure fair hiring practices, but those can be abused as well. Quotas for the sake of filling jobs based on ethnicity instead of qualifications, defeats the purpose of an open, free market economy. But I digress.

      As for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, I’d like to know how they got so fucking rich with no visable means of support. Where’s the IRS?

      SFC MAC

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