Obama No Longer a Rock Star, Romney Draws Big Crowds

Compare Romney’s enthusiastic crowds with Obama’s half-empty venues.

From Legal Insurrection.

From reader Tim who is at the Romney-Ryan appearance in High Point, North Carolina:

Going into the doors. Holy moly I can’t believe the people.

One picture is the front of the line, one picture kinda the back, EXCEPT my camera can’t capture two and a half blocks of people.

Many are actually women (the shock).

Tim just emailed again:

I have never been to a rally, but the picture in my head did not include a line to get off the exit, a half mile walk to the line and then a multiple block line. Consider me heartened.

Update — Overflow crowds in Mooresville, as reported by reader Hope:

My 18 year old daughter and I attempted to go to the Romney/Ryan rally this morning in Mooresville , NC. This is a video [image below] of the crowd outside around 9 a.m. The crowd behind me was as big. We did not get in as the crowd was too large. The fire marshal turned the crowds away. This was as close as we got.

We saw about 12 protestors in 3 separate groups of 4 each. They were not convincing anyone that “Offshore Mitt” posed any threat to the country.

As one man said to me…we are the people that work for a living and the people that are protesting are the people that vote for a living. Be encouraged. There are many, many good people with us.

I have always enjoyed your blog.

(added) Hope sends along another photo, taken by her daughter, giving another perspective on the crowd:

Update No. 2 – Huge Romney-Ryan rally in Waukesha, WI (photos)

As for Obama, no big circle jerks like 2008:


A socialist has-been at 51.


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5 thoughts on “Obama No Longer a Rock Star, Romney Draws Big Crowds”

  1. SFC MAC, you’ve cherry picked that popularity poll from over a month ago. It’s back up to 50% now. However, nationwide popularity polls will never mean anything unless we someday get direct voting. In the meantime, what counts is the Electoral College results, and those are more securely, although I admit not completely, in Obama’s favor.

    Sampling is a complex art and it’s legitimate to question a poll’s methodology. Realistically, of course, no one is going to closely question a poll in his or her favor.

    1. dgndenver,

      Food for thought:

      Secondly, the Republican base is fired up enough not to let the disaster of 2008 get repeated. Also, the shine on Obama’s halo is tarnished. His fans have lost considerable enthusiasm; B. Hussein’s vision of a socialist utopia didn’t work out very well and they simply won’t turn out like they did 4 years ago. I expect a Romney victory, it’s just a question of by how much.

      SFC MAC

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