Obama Pal Blagojevich Found Guilty

Background: Back in 2008, Andy Stern wanted Valerie Jarrett to fill Obama’s vacant Senate seat, so he called his buddy Obama. Obama, in turn, called SEIU union leader Thomas Balanoff to put an exclamation point on the suggestion.  Balanoff  met with Rod Blagojevich on 6 November, 2008 to discuss placing Valerie Jarrett in Barack Obama’s Senate seat. In return, Blagojevich told him he wanted a ‘personal benefit’ for appointing Jarrett.

Ousted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich says he is disappointed and stunned after he was found guilty of 17 of 20 charges in his corruption retrial.
He spoke only briefly, after saying that one thing he’d learned was not to talk so much.

In court, Blagojevich turned to defense attorney Sheldon Sorosky and asked “What happened?” after the verdicts were read. His wife, Patti Blagojevich, slumped against her brother, then rushed into her husband’s arms.

Before the verdicts were read, the former governor blew his wife a kiss before standing expressionless, with his hands clasped tightly.

Blagojevich was convicted of all 11 charges related to his attempt to sell or trade President Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat. Jurors deadlocked on two charges.

All the manipulating by the SEIU, Obama and Blagojevich didn’t work; the seat went to Republican Mark Kirk, who defeated another pal of Obama’s, Alexi Giannoulias.  Obama and the SEIU thugs should have been c0-defendants in the trial.

Obama played a major role in making sure Blago into the governor’s office in the first place. Obama was a “top advisor” to Blagojevich in the general election when he ran for governor in 2002.

A timeline of the Blago/Obama/SEIU phone calls HERE.

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