Obama Proposes ‘Limited’ Combat Ops Against ISIS

The SCOAMF is a real piece of work. He’s downplayed the threat for a while and now it’s blown up in his face.

From Fox News.

Obama on Wednesday opened the door to “limited” ground combat operations against the Islamic State, as he asked Congress to formally authorize military force against the terrorist network. The president, in a proposed resolution and a letter to Congress, underscored the “grave threat” posed by ISIS. “If left unchecked, ISIL will pose a threat beyond the Middle East, including to the United States homeland,” Obama said.

Last I checked, they went from the ‘JV team’ to Varsity thanks to you, ya dumb fuck. That’s why they’re a threat.

Speaking later at the White House, Obama vowed to defeat the terror group. “This is a difficult mission, and it will remain difficult for some time,” Obama said. “But our coalition is on the offensive. ISIL is on the defensive, and ISIL is going to lose.” His proposal includes limitations that would bar “enduring offensive ground combat operations” and let the authorization lapse after three years.

In spite of the ISIS campaign of Islamic-inspired atrocities and their stated goal of a new Caliphate, Obama keeps insisting they’re not terrorists, they’re “armed insurgents”.

The letter from Obama says the authorization would not allow “long-term, large-scale ground combat operations like those” conducted in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the request includes no restrictions on where U.S. forces could pursue the threat. And while the current military campaign centers on coalition airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, the proposal clearly allows U.S. ground troops to engage in limited circumstances. “The authorization I propose would provide the flexibility to conduct ground combat operations in other, more limited circumstances, such as rescue operations involving U.S. or coalition personnel or the use of special operations forces to take military action against ISIL leadership,” Obama wrote in his letter to Congress. “It would also authorize the use of U.S. forces in situations where ground combat operations are not expected or intended, such as intelligence collection and sharing, missions to enable kinetic strikes, or the provision of operational planning and other forms of advice and assistance to partner forces.”

What “partner forces”?

……Obama is offering to limit authorization to three years, extending to the next president the powers and the debate over renewal for what he envisions as a long-range battle. He is proposing no geographic limitations where U.S. forces could pursue the elusive militants. The authorization covers the Islamic State and “associated persons or forces,” defined as those fighting on behalf of or alongside IS “or any closely-related successor entity in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners.”

There is no coalition.

The proposal bars “enduring offensive ground combat operations,” an ambiguous term intended as compromise between lawmakers who want authority for ground troops and those who don’t. Obama’s resolution would repeal a 2002 authorization for force in Iraq, but maintain a 2001 authorization against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, although Obama said in his letter to lawmakers his goal is to refine and ultimately repeal that authorization as well.

Another ‘victory isn’t necessarily the goal’ strategy.

What’s the fucking point? Obama lost the Iraq war because of his dicked-up ROE and his premature withdrawal of American troops. In 2011, he withdrew all the troops including any follow-on units that could have remained in place to provide security. Now he’s scrambling because Iraq is collapsing due to his incompetence, which he blamed on the intelligence community. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were won before he was installed the first time, and over the last 6 years, he flushed everything we accomplished.

No wonder ISIS and all the other muzzie extremist groups think he’s a joke.


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