Obama Releases ’20th’ 9/11 Hijacker From GITMO

Who the hell needs Al Qaeda and ISIS when we’ve got Barky?

From Gateway Pundit.

Barack Obama released Osama Bin Laden’s bodyguard this week from Gitmo.

Abdul Rahman Shalabi was trained as the 20th hijacker in the 9-11 attacks.
20th hijacker shalabi

Obama released Shalabi to Saudi Arabia this week.

Great. Saudi Arabia. One of the worst Islamic terrorist nation-states on the fucking planet.

Shalabi was released from Gitmo on September 21, 2015.

A declassified memo describes the threat from this shitbag:

• “Detainee (Shalabi) is a member of al-Qaida and a long-term bodyguard for Usama Bin Laden (UBL), serving in that position beginning in 1999.”
• “Detainee received specialized close combat training for his role as a suicide operative in an aborted component of the 11 September 2001 al-Qaida attacks.
• “Detainee participated in hostilities against U.S. and Coalition forces and was captured with a group referred to as the Dirty 30, which included UBL bodyguards and an assessed 20th 11 September 2001 hijacker.”
• “Detainee received advanced training at multiple al-Qaida camps.”
• “Detainee also has familial ties to UBL and has demonstrated his hatred for Americans at JTFGTMO (Gitmo) and will likely reestablish ties to al-Qaida and other extremist elements if released.”
• “A HIGH risk, as he is likely to pose a threat to the U.S., its interests and allies.”
• “A HIGH threat from a detention perspective.”
• “Of HIGH intelligence value.”
• “His overall behavior has been mostly noncompliant and hostile to the guard force and staff. He currently has 95 Reports of Disciplinary Infraction listed in DIMS with the most recent occurring on 27 February 2008, when he was reported spitting on the guard force.”

Like the other muzzie cutthroats Obama cut loose, Shalabi will return to the jihad and kill infidels for allah.

Thanks, Barky. You ratfuck.

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