Obama to Hold $35,000 a Plate Birthday Bash, the Day After the Debt Ceiling Deadline

The Republicans may not realize it, but they have an extra point of leverage in the debt ceiling talks: Barack Obama’s birthday.

It’s on Aug. 4. The president is turning 50. He’s decided to have a quiet celebration with family and a few close friends.


Instead, the president is planning an extravagant fundraising bash Aug. 3 at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, including a birthday concert teeming with celebrities and – for couples contributing $35,800 – a private dinner with the president. All this just one day after the government is scheduled to run out of cash!

Undoubtably, the sight of so much money getting thrown around and dissolute stars crooning to Obama will make a stirring contrast with a federal government bankruptcy featuring unpaid government workers, seniors and Soldiers wondering how they’ll afford the groceries, shuttered national parks, and angry investors trying to cash out their Treasury Bills.

Let them eat cake….and while you’re at it, raise the debt ceiling so I can spend even more….on me.

1 thought on “Obama to Hold $35,000 a Plate Birthday Bash, the Day After the Debt Ceiling Deadline”

  1. The American taxpayer will pay for AF1 plus all the other equipment needed to take him to Chitown. You know all his DC cronies will fly out with him. This will cost millions of American taxpayer dollars.
    This man is a sociopath. He threatens our seniors and vets while planning a multi-million dollar bash.
    And 45% of people would still vote for him.
    I am moving to Costa Rica and I hate snakes.

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