Obama to MSNBC: “Make a Correction NOW.” MSNBC: “Yes, Dear Leader.”


This happened during an MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ broadcast which featured a discussion of the White House targeting Fox News:

Katty Kay (Washington Corps BBC World News America): Most people think the White House is obsessing about this. I mean, to be fair there has been an awful lot of more time spent on troops in Afghanistan, on health care debate, and obviously this is not taking up all of the White House’s time.


Joe Scarborough: “I’m not suggesting that it is…”

Katty Kay: “For independent voters, Fox is doing it’s own damage anyway, so why not leave them to do it?”

(cross talk)

Mika Brzezinski interrupts: “The White House just did email to say that interaction with Jake Tapper was not heated. And I would say that they are making comments about Fox News in a very calm, understated manner, and we’re the ones freaking out about it.”

“Calm, understated manner”??? Really Mika? Coulda fooled me:

The president said “it’s very hard for me to swallow that one. First of all, I’ve got one television station entirely devoted to attacking my administration.”

“I assume you’re talking about Fox,” Harwood said.

“Well, that’s a pretty big megaphone,” the president said. “And you’d be hard-pressed, if you watched the entire day, to find a positive story about me on that front.”

Calling Fox News “a wing of the Republican Party,” the Obama administration on Sunday escalated its war of words against the channel, even as observers questioned the wisdom of a White House war on a news organization.

“What I think is fair to say about Fox — and certainly it’s the way we view it — is that it really is more a wing of the Republican Party,” said Anita Dunn, White House communications director, on CNN. “They take their talking points, put them on the air; take their opposition research, put them on the air. And that’s fine. But let’s not pretend they’re a news network the way CNN is.” …

Rahm Emanuel, President Barack Obama’s chief of staff, said, “It is not a news organization so much as it has a perspective.”
Appearing on ABC television’s “This Week,” senior Obama adviser David Axelrod said Fox News shouldn’t be treated as a news organization. “And the bigger thing is that other news organizations, like yours, ought not to treat them that way, and we’re not going to treat them that way,” he said.

Obama’s environmental czar started group targeting Glenn Beck.

Obama was whining even during the campaign:

“I am convinced that if there were no Fox News, I might be two or three points higher in the polls,” Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama told New York Times Magazine.
In an interview with Matt Bai that will run this coming weekend, Obama complained about Fox News’ coverage of his campaign.

“If I were watching Fox News, I wouldn’t vote for me, right?” he said.

“Because the way I’m portrayed 24/7 is as a freak. I am the latte-sipping, New York Times-reading, Volvo-driving, no-gun-owning, effete, politically correct, arrogant liberal. Who wants somebody like that?

Funny, that’s exactly what he is. He forgot to add craven and socialist to the the list, but he got most of his character flaws down pat.
Also during the campaign, his staff pulled all kinds of illegal, unethical tactics, including threats and intimidation.

More collusion with the cooperative MSM:

On Monday, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow were among several people who attended an off-the-record briefing with Pres. Obama at the White House. Sources tell us other attendees at the two-and-a-half hour chat included Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post, Maureen Dowd of the New York Times, Gwen Ifill of PBS and Gloria Borger of CNN. Perhaps not surprisingly, no one from Fox News was in the room.

Obama has launched an assault on FoxNews for its uncompromising look at his regime. Too bad he isn’t as tough on Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela or even the Taliban. But that would take leadership qualities he doesn’t possess.

The leftwing MSM has gone completely off the reservation. The White House Socialist Oligarcy not only monitors the MSM, but gives them the talking points.

Some descriptions come to mind: The Ministry of Truth. State-owned Media. Hugo Chavez. Fifth Column. Tass. Pravda.

Oh, and this just in: Mika Brezinksy’s out-of-office message recording: “If you need me, I’ll be in Obama’s lap.”


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