Obama Tried to Get U.N. Scientists to Downplay Lack of Global Warming

From the Daily Caller.

The Associated Press obtained documents showing that the Obama administration, along with European nations, tried to convince scientists involved with the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s report to downplay, or even omit, data that showed a 15-year hiatus in global temperature rises.

“The failure of the IPCC climate models is obviously a great embarrassment for a significant number of researchers and politicians who have been demanding costly international and U.S. actions,” wrote Republican Senators David Vitter of Louisiana, John Barrasso of Wyoming, and James Inhofe of Oklahoma in a Thursday letter to Todd Stern, the U.S. State Department’s special envoy for  climate change.

“When governments can weigh in and request alterations to a scientific analysis, the message is clear that the IPCC produces a political document, not a scientific one,” the Senators wrote. “Such actions exacerbate the already declining reputation of the IPCC.”

Team Obama has declared that anyone skeptical of the whole ‘climate change’ doomsday crap is a ‘flat earther’ and The One has no time for such things.

Greg Gutfeld quipped:

“Who’s anti-science now? Who is the flat-Earther?” “If only President Obama had taken science classes instead of bong hits.”

The entire ‘man-made global warming’ hoax was trounced in 2009 when confidential emails between ‘climate change’ scientists Phil Jones and Michael Mann, were leaked to a reporter from the BBC. The e-mails show how they manipulated data and information to fit the “human-caused climate change” narrative, how they planned to keep the IPCC (the UN department in charge of monitoring climate change) from considering scientific viewpoints that challenged their legitimacy, and how they intended to squelch criticism.

The ensuing ‘Climategate’ scandal brought a crapload of scrutiny on the hucksters who pushed this shit in the first place.

Just two years after the story broke, Obama’s ‘Science Czar’ was caught trying to create a back channel to hide emails from anyone requesting information through the FOIA.

Apparently, Obama still hasn’t tired of politicizing the weather to advance his ‘Green Agenda’.

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