Obama Turns to Threats Against People Who Can’t See the Awesomeness in ObamaCare.

From Breitbart.

Now that ObamaCare is failing in the exact way its critics predicted more than 5 years ago, the White House is preparing to use threats to increase ObamaCare enrollment numbers next year. The threat, of course, is the ObamaCare tax.

Next year the annual fine for not buying Obama’s overpriced health insurance will jump to $695 or 2.5% of your income, whichever is greater. The White House intends to use the hefty fines as leverage in the upcoming 2016 enrollment period, which starts in November:

“Administration officials are looking for a balance.”

“We need to be make sure that we are very clear and explicit about that $695 penalty so people understand the choice they are making,” said spokeswoman Lori Lodes. But she said the main emphasis will stay on the benefits of having health insurance and how the law’s subsidies can dramatically lower the cost of monthly premiums.”

……ObamaCare is a massive rip-off, a lousy product that gets lousier and more expensive every year, and most of the 40 million or so among the uninsured do not want it.

So far only 9.1 million people have enrolled in ObamaCare. The Department of Health and Human services is predicting that only 1 million more will enroll up next year. That is well below — more than 50% below — the Congressional Budget Office predictions that claimed there would be upwards of 21 million enrollees by the end of 2016.

You peons just can’t see the benefit of being forced into a substandard government-controlled medical system.

It hasn’t turned out the way the DemProgs wanted. First of all, it’s all about control. ObamaCare is one of the many power grabs that have occurred the last 7 years. The stated objective, throughout Obama’s tenure, was to “fundamentally transform” America into a socialist state.  Obama’s goal is to force his socialist mandate on the entire U.S. through legislation and executive edicts. The leftprog agenda is being rammed into every aspect of your life. It’s meant to control everything you do. Don’t think so? Think of how your rights and freedoms have eroded over the last 20 years, with the biggest blows coming during the Clinton and Obama regimes.

Millions of Americans lost the affordable healthcare they already had before the ObamaCare clusterfuck forced them out of it and into a socialist Frankenstein fraught with sky-high premiums and incredible tax hikes, especially on the middle class. The subsidies that the idiots at the SCOTUS  just foisted on the taxpayers, will run into the billions. And look forward to Death Panels that don’t allow freedom of choice for your own treatment.

Doctors are refusing patients and closing their doors. Small businesses are being squeezed, employees’ wages and hours are being cut, and insurance won’t be provided for any new hires.  It’s putting a dent in jobs and the economy.

UnitedHealth, the nation’s largest health insurer, is exiting the individual insurance market, and Aetna warned customers of impending cost increases.  Hawaii’s $205 million ObamaCare system is folding. ObamaCare Co-Ops are imploding around the country.

Estimates for the nation-wide costs of ObamaCare will exceed $1.8 trillion annually. Funds for pre-existing health conditions are no longer available.

It needs to be shit-canned, pronto.

Unions, the leftwingnut media, and the Dems who held a majority in the House and Senate during the 2010 healthcare debate, pushed this oppressive monstrosity through the legislature.  No one read the fucking bill.  No one will take responsibility for consequences. Not the unions, the Dem politicians, or the morons in their voting districts who thought of it as another free benefit, like food stamps and their Obama phone.  As reality sets in, the rats are jumping from the ship.

It was concocted by a belligerent Dem oligarchy, behind closed doors, away from the public. They never bothered to read it before they rammed through the legislature.  They chose instead to ‘pass it to see what was in it’.

Of course, the same DemProg assholes who shoved ObamaCare down our throats, wouldn’t dare subject themselves to the same screwed up healthcare system.

So, now that Obama royally screwed the healthcare consumers in America, he’s going to punish them for not liking it.

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