ObamaCare Frankenstein Unleashed, Dems Spew Epithets, Name-Calling at Opponents

As the ObamaCare monstrosity goes into effect, the Dems have shifted into bat-shit crazy gear.

Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., repeatedly accused the GOP of waging “jihad” on Americans.

Harry Reid attacks Americans who oppose ObamaCare as “anarchists”.

Says Rep. Steve Stockman, Texas Republican: “Democrats have hurled every insult imaginable, such as ‘terrorist,’ ‘arsonist’ and ‘murderers’ against Americans who differ with Obama. Despite their threats and childish behavior, the speaker (John Boehner) has been steadfast in his vision to reduce the size and scope of government and treat everyone fairly.”

Obama’s gaffe-laden sidekick, Joe Biden, calls Tea Party patriots “terrorists”. The ‘new civility’ from Dems and their supporters involves death threats, racial slurs, sexist comments, and filthy diatribes.

Just so you know, Obama, Congress, the SCOTUS, and federal workers won’t feel anywhere near the kind of pain they inflict on the rest of us. Do you really think Obama, members of Congress and their staffers, or the Supreme Court justices will be forced to wait in line for treatment, suffer penalties, and endure sub-standard care? The mere suggestion gives them grand mal seizures.

Obama has provided them with government subsidies to smooth over their hurt feelings.

The rest of you are on your own.

The registration process is already broke.  A TV reporter in Tennessee couldn’t find a single person who successfully signed up. Louisiana’s top health-insurance provider said that not a single person enrolled in ObamaCare because the HealthCare.gov website is totally dicked up. Most people are visiting the website out of curiosity; less than 1% are actually trying to sign up.

ObamaCare is so craptastic, that Henry Waxman, Democrat, of course, sees no reason why he should even read the regulations.

Added to the clusterfuck, are the security concerns once your personal medical information goes digital.  Hackers are salivating over the prospect.

But there’s a bright spot for all you public dole entitlement leeches; You get a free Obamaphone as an incentive!

As if the law isn’t bad enough, this is what awaits you if you don’t or can’t pay up: Your driver’s license can be revoked, the feds will put a tax lien on your home, and they can take money from your bank account.

Welcome to fresh hell. Elections have consequences.

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