ObamaCare’s Death Panel

Michael Cannon at the Cato Institute writes,

I’ve been meaning to write about how ObamaCare’s unelected rationing board — innocuously titled the Independent Payment Advisory Board — is yet another example of the Left leading America down the road to serfdom.  (Efforts to limit political speech — innocuously called “campaign finance reform” — are another.)

There’s nothing “public” about the so-called “public option” in ObamaCare. It’s a government-dictated seizure of your health care options.

The Independent Payment Advisory Board, aka the Death Panel, is deeply entrenched in the application of ObamaCare. Its function will be to determine whether or not your medical condition warrants treatment and the privilege of government funding. Indeed, the rationing aspect of ObamaCare has already reared its ugly head.

The Left would rather have an “imperial presidency” than a Democratic Republic, because the masses simply won’t kowtow to the New World Order.

The new Republican majority in Congress is trying to do exactly what we elected them for; start pulling the teeth out of Obama’s healthcare power grab.

Many of those who once supported ObamaCare are now running like crazy from this socialist trainwreck.

Union thugs, who were among the first to push the agenda, are getting exemptions by the bushel.

So far, at least 26 states have filed lawsuits as the first step in opting out of ObamaCare.

Even though the repeal didn’t pass the Dem contolled Senate, we can give ObamaCare a death by a thousand cuts, by passing state legislation that makes it null and void.

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to hear any arguments about ObamaCare before federal appeals courts across the United States have submitted their own rulings. That could take months.

ObamaCare, if left unchanged, will bring higher taxes increases on individuals and businesses, financial penalties for those who refuse government-run health care, trillions added to the nation’s deficit, and a darwinization of healthcare.

The bottom line is that ObamaCare is unconstitutional. The federal government cannot create a commerce and force citizens into it, nor does the Constitution give Congress the power to mandate that Americans purchase health insurance.

If there’s any sanity left in the judicial system, it will return health care rights and choices back to the American people.

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2 thoughts on “ObamaCare’s Death Panel”

  1. Koreandoctor

    Please excuse me for being anonymous here. But in Korea, doctors have a good reason to be afraid of the government, which applies to myself. So…

    The news is, in my hospital (about number 5th in my country), a patient was denied his right to choose his anti-cancer chemotherapy. He was being treated under the chemo regiment allowed by the government for the specific type of lung cancer he happed to have, which is not a bad thing. Bad thing happened when his oncologist noticed that these drugs were not working. The oncologist kept changing regiment (strictly following the path allowed by Korean government), until he was convinced that none of them working.

    The oncologist, who I think he a little bit odd guy, decided to go illegal. He changed the anti-cancer regiment again, solely based on his guts. Luckily for the patient, this regiment worked. Of course, the patients’ luck did not go forever, not because his cancer changed its behavior but because the hospital administrators stopped him from treating the patient with those drugs. After all, the administrators cannot let that happen, knowing that such a one-man show will get both the oncologist and the hospital punished.

    Each of the drugs used in the last regiment is a legitimate anti-cancer drug. Each of them is included in various regiment and used for treating various cancer. What government does not allow is using a combination of drug “outside the rule”.

    In such a case, Korean government, not only refuses to reimburse the treatment, but also punish the physician who prescribes it.

    This patient is willing to pay for his own medical bill. He just wants to be allowed to make a choice for himself.

    This kind of free choice Korean government cannot allow. Neither obamacare will.

    They will rather let the patients die.

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