Obama’s Alterior Motive Behind the ‘Gun Control’ Debate

From Powerline.

So why is Obama making gun control his number one issue, when it has zero chance of becoming law, and the political impact is negative for some of his own senators? I can think of only two reasons. First, he wants to whip the Democrats’ base into a frenzy in hopes of capturing the House next year, and the base hates guns. I think this motivation accounts for much of what Obama does, but does it really make sense to endanger Democratic control over the Senate, in hopes of a long-shot victory in the House? One wouldn’t think so. Second, Obama may view the gun issue purely as a distraction: anything is better than talking about the economy. Or Obamacare. Or Benghazi. Or Iran. Or North Korea.

He definitely wants to distract attention from the lousy economy he created as well as the other things mentioned in the article.  The leftist mainstream media, of course, are complicit in the distraction tactics.  They cover Obama’s ass by simply refusing to report his malfeasance.


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