Obama’s Blame Game

No matter how much he fucks up, remember, it’s all Bush’s fault.

Obama prefaces his comments on July jobs numbers by noting that 2011 has been “tumultuous year” thus far. Obama mentioned the Arab Springs across the middle east, oil prices and the earthquake and tsunami in Japan as reasons that halted economic growth in the United States and worldwide. Obama also used these instances to explain the disappointing number of jobs created in July.

“We’ve weathered the Arab Springs effect on oil and gas prices. The Japanese earthquake and tsunami’s effect on supply chains. The extraordinary economic uncertainty in Europe and recently markets around the globe have taken a bumpy ride,” Obama said this morning.

“My concern right now, my singular focus is the American people. Getting the unemployed back on the job, lifting their wages, Rebuilding that sense of security the middle-class has felt slipping away for years.”

The riots in the Middle East, a Tsunami in Japan, and technology are at fault for the loss of our AAA rating, the $14+ trillion debt, 16.2% unemployment, and THE EXALTED ONE’s descent from deification.

Blame anyone you want, B. Hussein. We know who owns the train wreck.


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