Obama’s DemLeft Contingent in Hollywood, MSM, and Unions Launch 2008 Redux Campaign

From “Hope and Change” to “Forward”; a campaign slogan with lengthy ties to Euro socialism.

Enthusiasm for the Anointed One depends on where you look. 

David (Astroturf) Axlerod insists the insists the masses still love him, but with all the empty seats,  listless yawns, nosepicking, boredom, basement dwelling poll numbers, and dearth of giddy excitement from the racially motivated demographic, that love affair has cooled off considerably. 

That doesn’t mean Obama’s hard core worshipers are giving up.

Hollywood’s contribution.

There’s only a relatively small group of conservatives in Hollywood, especially ones who are vocal with their opinions. 

Jon Lovitz, for one, is fed up with Obama trashing the so-called “1%ers”, and Adam Corolla ripped ripped 60 Minutes for Leslie Stahl’s  angst over doing what it takes to get information out of muzzie terrorists who want us dead.

In keeping with the ‘war on women’ debate, leftwingnut female actors jokingly “want the government in their vagina”.  The faux Sandra Fluke controversy did nothing to teach these squalling she-asses a lesson about opening up a big can of stupid.  Obama has waged a war on the women in his own cabinet, without a fucking peep out of the outraged contingent of female fans.  The government’s war on free speech, healthcare, second amendment rights, free market business,  and our personal choices has taken on Orwellian proportions since Obama took office.  But Libtards fume over a Catholic Universities’ refusal to fund contraception.

Obama-mocking skits go down the memory hole while Fox News gets the requisite insults. Obama’s fundraising contingent in the entertainment industry includes Tyler Perry, actress Eva Longoria, DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, and Comcast executive David Cohen. They’ve raised millions for their idol and have produced propaganda videos extolling his first three years in office.  By the time Obama is ousted either by Romney’s election or by term limit law, he’ll have a fucking star in front of Grauman’s Chinese theater.

And the icing on the cupcake: Alec Baldwin, a fat, vulgar, pompous blowhard, thinks Obama has the election in the bag.

The MSM is still in the tank.

Throughout 2008 election, and the first three years of Obama’s term, the Fifth Column has diligently worked as a gofer for Obama.

MSNBC is in full class warfare rabies mode with dire predictions over what would happen to the fictional “Julia”under President Romney. 

NBC’s David Gregory, who has his head so far up Obama’s ass he can taste everything he eats, urges praise from celebrity Obama fans during interviews and unintentionally parodies a low-rated Comedy Central assclown by telling him: “You have a real impact on this race.”

NBC’s Brian Williams’ slobbering mancrush on Obama makes my gaydar go off. On that note, Obama’s communist pal Van Jones says that blacks would still vote for Obama even if he announced he was gay.

The New York Times, Newsweek, and Time Magazine shill for Obama and any other politician who manifests the nihilist, socialist prog qualities that they admire.  Fox News, the bane of the leftwing conglomerate, is a frequent target of their rage.

Union influence.

The union thugs are gearing up for what they hope is another round of Obama-supported corruption. Head AFL-CIO goon Richard Trumka has ‘already discussed Obama’s 2nd term agenda’.     I bet.

The Left, with the exception of Chris Matthews, doesn’t have the same exhuberance as during the 2008 campaign.  This time around, the MSM can’t use the Messiah bit and Obama trying to run on his record is like trying to put sugar on a shit sandwich.  The mid-term elections and the Tea Party rained on Obama’s parade, but he’ll still have the contingent of minorities, gays, and white liberal effetes to count on for votes.

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