Obama’s Election Puts Leftwing Cartoonists out of Work

Well actually, at a loss for insults aimed at their Lord and Savior.

After poking fun at George W. Bush for eight years — often drawing him with big ears and a severe overbite, or as a gung-ho Joe College type, or simply as a clueless doofus — political cartoonists are finding Barack Obama a more elusive target.

“Poking fun”?

I saw some of the most vicious, tasteless, overboard, batshit crazy ‘political cartoons’ on the part of assholes like Ted Rall, who portrayed Condolizza Rice as a “house nigga”:

……But the cool and detached Obama enters the White House at a time of considerable economic anxiety, bolstered by wishes of goodwill even from some political opponents.

“I had all my villains in place for eight years and they’ve been taken away,” lamented Pulitzer Prize winner Pat Oliphant, one of the most widely syndicated cartoonists. “I don’t know that I’ve ever had this experience before, of a president I maybe like. This is an antagonistic art. We’re supposed to concentrate on finding things wrong. There’s no point in drawing a cartoon that’s favorable.


More at News Busters: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/jacob-s-lybbert/2009/01/27/liberal-cartoonists-complain-obama-too-cool-handsome-satirize

That they maybe like? If I see one more jesus-like halo effect on Obamessiah, I’ll puke.
Since the leftwingnut sycophants are having trouble ‘finding things wrong’, I’ll lend a hand.

Leave the lampooning up to us. THE ONE has been in office less than 2 weeks, and already we have enough material to last for months:

Obama- A Marxist and terrorist-sympathetic president with radical mentors and friends, who appointed a cabinet stocked with Clintonistas and a motley crew of corrupt, leftwing imbeciles:

Tim Geithner- A tax cheat for a Treasury Secretary.

Eric Holder- A nominee for attorney general who thinks interrogating terrorists is “torture” and was involved in Clinton’s pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich and members of the FALN terrorist organization.

Janet Nepolitano- a Homeland Security Secretary who thinks open borders permitting the entrance of illegals and terrorists is okay.

Susan Rice- A U.N. ambassador who politicized intelligence data and circulated fabricated evidence in making critical national security decisions. Also had a hand in the intelligence failure leading up to the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.

Tom Daschle- Department of Health and Human Services director and former DNC demagogue who fought against enforcement of U.N. Resolution 1441, and labeled America’s best health care system in the world, a “myth”. He forgets about the people in other countries with seriously ill children who usually hop a plane to the U.S. for treatment, to get much needed care on behalf of a “myth”.

Hilda Solis- a Labor Secretary in the political sack with the radical group La Raza, who rails against supporters of illegal immigration laws.

(Former Army) General Eric Shinseki- Veterans Affairs Secretary, made out by the liberal media as ‘running afoul of the Bush administration by questioning the Pentagon’s Iraq war strategy’ when in reality the scenario went like this: He never pressed for more troops for Iraq, and, when asked in a private meeting of the Joint Chiefs if he had concerns about the war plans, never said a word, according to two people who were in the room. Asked by Newsweek two years ago to respond to the criticism he didn’t press his concerns, Shinseki e-mailed back: ‘Probably that’s fair. Not my style.’” (http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/brad-wilmouth/2008/12/09/cnn-makes-case-shinseki-did-not-push-more-troops-iraq)  His major claim to fame: he made us all wear a ridiculous black beret.

Carol Browner- a “global warming czar” with ties to the Socialist International’s Commission for a Sustainable World Society. Their mission is to push the ‘climate change’ hoax, as well as a variety of other socialist political and economic agendas.

Rahm Emanuel- a Chief of Staff who served on the board of directors of the federal mortgage scheme Freddie Mac.

David Axelrod- Obama’s Chief media strategist responsible for an ‘astroturf’ campaign (fake grass-roots political campaign) in an attempt to connect Sarah Palin with an Anti-American separatist organization, an accusation which was soundly debunked.

Hillary Clinton- A Secretary of State once part and parcel to her husband Bill’s felonies, including the theft of FBI files on Republican opponents (File Gate), and connected to Norman Hsu, a convicted felon and democrat fund raiser.

Go ahead Oliphant, take a sabbatical. We’ll take it from here.

5 thoughts on “Obama’s Election Puts Leftwing Cartoonists out of Work”

  1. That’s Mr. Rall to you. Or don’t conservatives have manners?

    Anyway, you’re one slippery eel. You said liberal cartoonists don’t criticize Obama. I proved that one does–me, the guy you cited as a Bush-basher–and then you say it doesn’t count because I don’t criticize him from the right, but from the left.

    Have some integrity. You said something that wasn’t true. I called you out, and then you changed the rules of the game. Just admit you were wrong–it’s not so hard.

    1. Rall,

      That’s SFC Cheryl McElroy, US ARMY (RET) to you.

      With all the acrid, vile ‘cartoons’ you draw that reflect your animosity towards Bush, the military, and America, you received all the manners you deserve. What I said Rall, and what you deliberately changed to suit your response was this:

      Those anemic samples are void of any real ‘criticism’ of Obama’s corruption, socialist policies, and radical friends and mentors. They’re not even remotely close to the level of frothing contempt you level at George Bush, the military, or Republicans in general.

      You consider that lame piece you did about ‘Obama’s reading habits’, real criticism?
      He appointed a tax cheat as Treasury Secretary and an Attorney General who supported pardons for terrorists and criminals at large. Terrorists, despots, communist radicals, and convicted felons are among his friends, supporters, and mentors, and that’s all you can muster?

      Face it Rall, you’ll never produce editorial sketches about Obama’s socialist regime, his ‘house niggas’, or insults about his IQ. That’s because you support him from the left, yet have the audacity to call that half-assed cartoon “criticism”.
      And you question the integrity of others? Just admit you’re a shitbag, Rall. You’ll save so much time.

      SFC MAC

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