Obama’s Endless Foreign Policy Fail

More flexibility.

The fail continues.

Obama backs  U.N. international treaty to regulate global gun control. The same corrupt U.N. that accommodates despots and wants world governance.

B. Hussein still ducks responsibility for American deaths in Libya, House members demand answers. So, when’s the impeachment or prosecution?

Vladimir Putin, who owns Obama on a regular basis, is just thrilled to death over the re-election.

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood pals inform him that he needs to “accept the will of the Arab people”.  Like the “Arab Spring”.

Israel, who is sick of Obama’s disrespect, has made it clear they will not sacrifice their national security for his kowtowing to muzzie extremists.

Updates will be posted as necessary. Trust me, it will get worse.


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1 thought on “Obama’s Endless Foreign Policy Fail”

  1. For those with an open mind! Glenn who did not support Romney in any way, except he is not obama, has done a complete mia culpa. He sent his people out, not with the help of Romney’s people, and found many, many stories of this good man. The stories that he will not tell. He is not prideful/boastful (think of someone who is?)! Glenn was amazed that no one had brought any of these stories out. They have 8, but he had to limit it at that – they found so many people that Mitt had helped without telling anyone. Contrast this to 0bozo whose brother can’t even ask him for help. So it will be on Fri on GBTV.com, or Dish network on channel 212. I will be out in the wide blue yonder, so I hope he will put it on theblaze.com after Friday. I can’t wait to see it. I have heard many things as well I wonder if any will be represented.

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