Obama’s Failed Solyndra Eco-Scam Pals Qualify for Federal Aid

Add insult to Obama’s injury to taxpayers.

Hundreds of workers who were laid off by the bankrupt solar firm that received $528 million in taxpayer support are eligible for additional federal aid, the Labor Department has ruled.

The potential benefits for laid-off Solyndra workers would fall under a program known as “trade adjustment assistance.” The taxpayer-backed benefits are supposed to help workers who lost their jobs presumably because production was shifted overseas.

In a Nov. 18 decision, the Labor Department ruled that former Solyndra employees meet the criteria. Echoing an argument that has been made for months by Energy Secretary Steven Chu and other Obama administration officials, the department determined that Solyndra’s workers were hurt by foreign competition.

Michael Jaffe, an officer in the Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance, determined that “all workers” at Solyndra who lost their jobs since September 2010 are eligible to apply for the aid.

Obama funded several eco-scams with our money that went tits up due to mismanagement of the “solar power” industry, and they get even more of our tax dollars as a reward for failure.  Obama, ever the blame assessor, puts the fault on “global market forces”.

Really? And all this time I thought it was just another unicorn and skittles fantasy that was doomed anyway. My bad.  

2012 cannot come soon enough.

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