Obama’s ‘PROMISE’ Program Nixed Arresting Students in Florida School District

Aside from the FBI’s and the Broward County Sheriff’s incompetence, looks like the county made a pact with the devil regarding violent thugs in the district.

The Obama regime awarded grant money to the Broward County school district to look the other way when minority students committed crimes. That’s how wackjobs like Nikolas Cruz was able to slip through the cracks.

Via Rush Limbaugh

What if you were to learn that local police departments, sheriff’s offices, and school districts have been awarded grant money from the Obama administration for doing just that: looking the other way when certain crimes have taken place? On purpose, so as to change the racial proportion of the prison population, among many other things?

……from the archives here, the December 4, 2013, issue of the American Prospect magazine. Headline: “Reversing Broward County’s School-to-Prison Pipeline.”

The article is about efforts undertaken to avoid arresting students. And the article speaks to the concern that Broward County might have turned a blind eye to the behavior of Nikolas Cruz because they wanted to lower the number of student suspensions, which is a big part of Obama-Holder prison reform. So this is five-year-old story. Well, four and a half years old. It’s December of 2013.

“The story behind the so-far successful crusade to end disproportionate student arrests and suspensions in one Florida school district. When, after a nationwide search, he was hired two years ago to serve as superintendent of Florida’s Broward County Public Schools, Robert Runcie began brainstorming ways to close the racial achievement gap.

“At the time, black students in the sixth-largest district in the country had a graduation rate of only 61 percent compared to 81 percent for white students. To find out why, Runcie, who once headed a management-consulting firm, went to the data. ‘One of the first things I saw was a huge differential in minority students, black male students in particular, in terms of suspensions and arrests,’ he says. Black students made up two-thirds of all suspensions during the 2011-2012 school year despite comprising only 40 percent of the student body.”

So you see the way this works if you’re a leftist, you don’t count the crime. You look at the percentage of arrests and imprisonment, and you compare that to the population at large, and you find racial bias. And the only way you can do that is if you assume that many of these crimes being committed by minorities are not really being committed, that they’re only being charged because there’s a racial bias in the police department or the sheriff’s department. And that racial bias is indicated by the exorbitant percentage of African-Americans and minorities in jail or in prison and your belief that it wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for racism.

So you start out by claiming that law enforcement is corrupt because they’re targeting minorities who aren’t committing crimes, they’re arresting them and imprisoning them, and you want to fix it. That’s the starting point for this. They say, “Look, the black population is, what, 15% of the country, but in the prisons it’s 70%, that proves bias.” It doesn’t, unless you’re a liberal.

It doesn’t prove anything of the sort. It proves who’s committing the crimes. And if you don’t like that, if you’re Obama and Holder and you don’t like that, then you want to change that, the only way you can do it is by ignoring some of the crime, not charging, not arresting, and not imprisoning, to change the percentages.


In other words, they gave minority thugs a pass to make the crime statistics look good.


Here’s the upshot of the PROMISE Program. It was started in Chicago by the current superintendent in the school district in Broward. Robert Runcie was in Chicago. The premise of the PROMISE Program is federal grants. This happened under the Obama administration and Eric Holder. The money came from the Department of Justice.

It originated from the premise that the Democrats hold that the prison population is disproportionately minority and African-American because of injustice in America. You have the black population, what, 15, 20%; the prison population of minorities and African-Americans can be 60%. Ergo the justice system must be tainted. This is what Holder and Obama believe. So they believe that bigotry and racism is resulting in charges and convictions against innocent minority perps.

So they began a program called the PROMISE Program which promised money to local police departments and school districts for ignoring certain crimes, mostly misdemeanors, but not contained to misdemeanors. And for all of these crimes ignored, there would thus be no charges. And thus no convictions. And thus there wouldn’t be any sentencing because nobody’d be going to jail. Now, they couldn’t, from Washington, instruct a school district or police department to ignore only crime committed by minorities.

That wouldn’t fly.

People would spot that right off the bat and they would object to it.

So they had to be cagey, and they had to basically extend this policy to types crime rather than types of perp. So various misdemeanors — and some crimes that are above misdemeanor but not full-fledged Class A felonies — were ignored by everybody committing them. And the reward for behaving was federal money. So the incentive to ignore crime was monetized by a program called the PROMISE Program instituted by Obama and Holder under the premise that American prison populations were unfairly and unjustly African-American and minority.

I’m sure you’ve heard Obama and Holder and the Reverend Jackson for years complaining about this. Always at the root of the complaint is that it’s injustice, that innocent people are being charged simply because our just system is racist. But Obama was famous for programs like this. He would… These consent decrees on police departments. Basically take over and implement federal policies.

There would be payments involved if the local police department looked the other way. Obama spread walking-around money out like no president ever has before him. Well, now that this program was announced yesterday, it’s becoming even more widely reported on and known now, and Breitbart has a story: “Broward County Likely ‘Inspiration’ for Obama School Discipline Policy to Report Fewer Arrests, Suspensions.”

Even though the program began in Chicago with Robert Runcie who the current superintendent in Broward County, he was transferred or he was hired away by Broward after the PROMISE Program showed such great results in the Chicagoland area. “The Broward County school district’s adoption of a school discipline policy that was praised by the Obama administration for seeking to reduce the reported number of school suspensions, expulsions, and arrests may have played a role in the fact that Nikolas Cruz remained under the radar until his shooting rampage in Parkland, Florida, on February 14.


Scott Israel has a considerable history of corruption.  Florida authorities are launching an investigation into his handling of the shooting and the policies that led Nickolas Cruz to walk into a school and kill 17 people.  The asshole should be forced to resign and he should be prosecuted.


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